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Your Guide To Achieving Better Orgasm Than What You’ve Been Getting

Your Guide To Achieving Better Orgasm Than What You’ve Been Getting

Discover all the hacks that will hit that climax during sexy time

Having intense, mind-blowingly good orgasms is like winning the jackpot, super hard for those that don’t know the hacks and rather easy for those that know exactly how it works. Struggling to find someone to satisfy you sexually means you don’t even know your own body very well. Trying out everything and hoping to get an orgasm is like winning a lottery, it’s very unlikely to happen.

There’re ways you can achieve better orgasms than what you’ve been getting. Tips that you might have missed all your life! Here are all the tips for you to enjoy an intense, passionate night!

1. Get a sex toy

A sex toy is what you need to figure out what excites you and what feels the best. Everyone has a different trigger for an orgasm. Knowing yours save you a lot of effort in trying it out with your partner. All the different types of sex toys available on the market focus on different areas and purposes. A newbie should start with the traditional vibrator, in the shape of a penis.

A vibrator gives more intense pleasure and hits various sensitive points at the same time. No shame in getting to know your own body better!

2. Never neglect the importance of foreplay

Your body releases a chemical known as the ‘’love hormones’’ during foreplay, a stimulant to a longer-lasting orgasm. Quite a few people tend to ignore the importance of good foreplay. It sets the mood and gets your body ready for the action. An ideal foreplay should be around 15 minutes. For some people, the time spent on foreplays is even longer than the actual action. A good foreplay sets you into the mood and you will achieve even better orgasms in a shorter period of time, or even multiple orgasms, leaving you feeling satisfied and weak from all the pleasuring orgasms.

3. Stay off sex for a while

The ‘’fresh effect’’ is when you stay off sex for a while even if you’re horny, and the fresh, loving feeling you get when you’re back at the game. It helps with a better and longer orgasm. It’s like a kid craving for candy, thinking about it for days and not able to have any. When finally given a candy, you will think it’s the best candy you’ve ever put in your mouth. That’s how it works. The off-time doesn’t have to be long. Just a few days would be good if you are usually very active. Then you will be able to enjoy the mind-blowing orgasms again.

4. Find that right spot

Less than half of the girls can get vaginal orgasms from pure penetration. Yet, the percentage of having clitoris orgasms is much higher. The clitoris is the most sensitive area for girls and your best chance of getting an unforgettable orgasm. Play with your clitoris to know how it feels and teach your partner how to make you feel the best.

5. Be adventurous in the positions

Grab the legendary book of Kamasutra to explore all 1000 sex positions you didn’t know existed or that are physically possible and start learning some new skills. New positions are fun and add excitement to the whole game. Be adventurous in sex positions can be a great way to achieve better orgasms. Kamasutra is a good place to start your journey to unending orgasms.

6. Try out new places

Besides new positions, you can also try out new places. The element ‘’new’’ adds a lot to your experience. Do it in nature, or in your own car in the garage, or at a beach so far away from civilization that there’s only you two and the stars. Don’t be afraid to try out new places. Do anything that excites you and it will be much easier for you to achieve better orgasms.

7. Communicate well with your partner

Get things straight right from the start. Tell your partner how you would like to do it, missionary, doggy or cowboy. Communication doesn’t make things awkward. Quite the contrary, it makes things a lot better and easier for both. Your partner knows what pleases you and what makes you climax. Being shy and not talk about what makes you climax is one of the reasons you aren’t having orgasms. Your partner can’t always guess what’s on your mind. They can only try if you don’t tell them what feels good.

Encourage your partner to share what pleases him/her as well. Knowing what works for each other saves you a lot of time and effort in exploring and helps you both achieve better orgasms. Next time when you’re about to do it, gently ask your partner if you two could try something!

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The DON’TS when it comes to hitting orgasms

1. Don’t focus too much on the time

It can be easy to get too hyped up about the duration of time for both guys and girls that they forget the most important thing is to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it’s 20 minutes or an hour. The longer it lasts doesn’t mean it the best. Again, quality is always above quantity.

2. Don’t forget to pleasure your partner as well

Good sex compromises of the enjoyment for both. Make sure your partner is enjoying it as much as you do. Don’t forget to pleasure your partner too during sex. Achieving unending orgasms together becomes a lot easier when you’re both having fun.

3. Don’t forget to use protection!

Always use a condom when you’re having sex with someone you don’t know or don’t know if you can trust. It’s a huge protection for yourself. You can’t exactly have fun if you constantly have to think about STDs or that unwanted pregnancy.


Having unending orgasms is like the dream come true for most! It’s like a myth that you’ve heard about but no one can confirm if it exists. Now you can live in the legend! You’ve been missing the best part about sex, the orgasms! You don’t know how to achieve better orgasms because you don’t know your body too well. Good that you’ve found your solutions now! Follow our tips to get as wet as the rain next time!

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