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Why You Should Never Post Your Boarding Pass On IG

Why You Should Never Post Your Boarding Pass On IG

Think twice before posting your boarding pass on your next vacation

We’re really blessed with technology these days. Wherever we go, we turn to social media platforms to share our jot and happiness. We take a picture of our boarding pass and upload it on IG, letting the world know we’re scooting off somewhere exciting. Showing off to the world that we’re traveling can be a huge self-esteem booster, but there’re other ways to show off your vacation time. Posting your boarding pass on your IG can be a huge security risk and you will find out why you should never do it.

ALL your information is there

You may not realise how much people can find out about you with just your boarding pass. Your full name, flight time, flight number, destination, seat number and your barcode are all there. All this information may seem unimportant but it’s what people can get from this information that makes a difference. Some people would blur out their names or the flight number when posting it to IG so it makes them feel a bit safer. Never did anyone blur out their destination.

Just by knowing your destination, people can already get your flight number from it, knowing your boarding time and from where you’re flying. Blurring out the flight number and your name will only create an illusion that you’re safe, but not really.

What can people do with all the information?

To begin with, by knowing all the information, anyone can log into the airline’s website by using your personal details. They can see your home address, your past and upcoming flights. Not only can they see it, they can change or cancel your flights as they want. This is a major security risk for you.

They can easily make changes to your upcoming flights. Having personal gains may not even be their goal, probably they just want to mess with you. They could easily reschedule your return flight to an earlier one and you will only realise you’ve missed your flight when you’re at the airport and by then you will most likely have to pay for another flight.

Using your information for personal gains is also highly plausible. They could use it for their own personal gain by canceling your flight and having the refund under their company name or something. Usually airlines have a stricter refund policy and only allow the money to either refund to the passenger’s account or to a company. They can easily get the refund deposited in a fake company.

The barcode

This is something everyone misses when they post their boarding pass on IG. They never think leaving the barcode for everyone to see would do them any harm. You’re wrong. The barcode is what will get you in trouble. It’s the most dangerous part of the whole boarding pass. Even for the smartest people, they would blur out all the information but leave the barcode out in the open. That’s not a very smart move, after all.

There’re many code scanning apps available on different Android and IOS devices. With these apps, people can easily scan the barcode on your boarding pass and get all the information from it. They can get your booking reference and thus log into your account on the airline’s website. Your other personal details such as home address or the credit card used in purchasing this flight may also be easily located with just one scan.

There are so many people can do with your home address and credit card details. From there, they may even use your credit card for other purchases, borrow a loan on your name, using your home as collateral to something else. It’s very easy to do all those at that point because they already have your full name, your birth date, your home address and your credit card details.

Sounds scary of what a tiny little barcode on your boarding pass contains, right? Too many people have been ignorant about it and they didn’t even know how it happened when someone spent all their money on their credit card. Well’ it’s because you once posted your boarding pass on IG, that’s how it happened.

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In some other cases, people may get blackmailed since the criminal has all their personal details. They could threaten the victim to pay up before they sell their personal details out in the market. It could be very annoying and hideous to deal with. You then have to go to the police and change everything. Trust me, showing off your vacation like this is not worth the risk you have to take.

Is there anything we or the airlines can do to minimize the risk?

From your side, you should never post your boarding pass for everyone to see under any circumstances. If something happens and you need help, simply ask the question on social media and wait for a reply. If you really do need to post your boarding pass in order to solve your problem, send it to the airline directly and don’t let the public see it.

For the airlines, they should keep striving for the best for the safety of their passengers and create new ways and security measures so personal information will not be so easily stolen by anyone with just information on the boarding pass. After all, even if you don’t show it off on IG, other people next to you at the airport can still see your boarding pass and even take pictures of it when you’re not noticing.


It takes two to play this game. Criminals are sneaky bastards that go behind your back and do shitty things with your information. You can only try your best to protect yourself and not expose yourself to any foreseeable security threats. There’re absolutely only cons when it comes to posting your boarding pass on IG. You can tell people where you’re going by taking a pic at the destination or just a picture of the plane. You don’t need to upload your boarding pass to show off.

Don’t create chances for criminals. Learn to protect yourself. All your valuable information is stored on your boarding pass and from there, criminals can easily get more of your personal details. Remember, next time you go on a vacation, protect your boarding pass like it’s your wallet.

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