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Why Do You Feel In Need Of A Getaway From Your Holiday

Why Do You Feel In Need Of A Getaway From Your Holiday

Reasons why your last holiday does not seem enough

Do you sometimes feel like going on another vacation right after coming back from one? Even if you’ve spent weeks away on holiday or a few days, sometimes it feels like it just isn’t enough. That doesn’t make you ungrateful; it is understandable if you’d want to get away from reality and the stress that comes from it.

There are various reasons behind this need for a second vacation followed by your first one, including psychological ones too. Read below to find out more about this.

1. You miss the place you visited

Vacations can be extremely fun and relaxing because you break away from a routine and escape from it. You see things that are different from your regular surroundings, so your mind gets to process new and unique information which breaks away from the monotony of your everyday life. You keep picturing the places you visited and get teleported mentally to those places, so it gets even harder to focus on what is now around you. That results in increased dissociation and distraction.

2. Post travel depression is a thing

We aren’t making this up, you can search up all about it to find out how accurate this is but a lot of people do suffer from post-travel depression. You feel gloomy even as soon as you board your plane back home because you don’t want to return to the life you left behind you when you went on vacation.

The hormone levels of the brain may also fluctuate because while you were on vacation, there is an increase in the adrenaline and serotonin levels in your body, which are heightened. But returning home results in a sudden drop, which might explain why you feel sulky.

3. You don’t want to go back to work

Let’s face it, going back to work after a vacation is probably one of the most annoying things ever. You went off to a great relaxing vacation to get away from work and all of a sudden you see all this work piled up on your desk.

No warnings, not gradually, it’s all immense workload that’s thrown back on you all at once. You might even get worried about returning to work while you’re on your vacation; you might sometimes suddenly be reminded of the work you have to return to, or your boss might drop you a message asking you when you’ll return.

It can all be extremely stressful and can ruin your mood or even the final days of your vacation. Because of that, you will feel the urge to go on another vacation, or maybe stay away from work forever. We wish that was possible, but we all know that work cannot be avoided.

However, it is understandable why you might feel this way because work can be extremely stress-inducing.

4. You forgot about your routine, and now you can’t adjust again

When you’re on vacation, you isolate yourself from the life you live and become a new and different person on vacation. It’s a healthy thing to do because we all need a break from our lives at times.

So it makes sense that while on vacation, you get so absorbed into the new surroundings that you lose track of what your real routine is like and so when you return home and have to continue life from where you left it off, it can be difficult to readjust.

When you go on a vacation, the pace gets slower but coming back home, the pace is suddenly very fast, and you feel bombarded by work and chores and tasks that you have to do. That can be hectic, so you might feel the need to take more breaks because it gets difficult to readjust.

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5. You feel more burdened by work stress than you did before

Continuing from the previous reason, when you do get the work, you feel even more burdened by it than you ever did before. The workload is probably the same as it was before you went on your vacation, but now that you’ve come back from vacation you feel as if it’s much more difficult to manage. That is because taking a vacation break away from that routine and the body might forget the kind of stress that it was once used to. It would take you a bit longer to acquaint yourself with all the workload again.

6. You don’t get time to appreciate little things the way you could while on vacation

When you’re on vacation, you get the time and the energy to look around your surroundings and appreciate even the smallest things. You’ll notice things that you probably never saw before in your life before, like noticing the chirping of birds or the different trees or variation of architecture around you.

Going on a vacation helps you look at regular things through a different lens, so when you get back to your regular life, the chaos around all these little things might not make them as special. You might try to appreciate little things around you, but consequently, fail because the chaos and busyness in all our lives prevent us from slowing down and appreciating things.

The things that you appreciated on vacation do not look the same here because they are surrounded by workload and stress and a routine, which makes them, look ordinary and mundane again. That can be confusing for a person and can disorient you. 

We know how much you want to go on another vacation because You might tell yourself you only need one more break before you can get back into your routine, but no matter how many vacations you take, it isn’t possible to get away from responsibilities and work. You can only slowly readjust back into your routine. Regardless, don’t forget to always take snippets of time to smell the roses and slow down the pace to get away from all that hustle and bustle to de-stress.

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