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Try These Interesting Travel Places For Glamping

Try These Interesting Travel Places For Glamping

Have an unforgettable glamping experience at these locations!

Why Glamping?

Glamping is the 21st century takes on the traditional camping experience. Glamping is the portmanteau of glamorous with camping. The modern world is high on the spiritual liberation obtained by going out in nature, but at the same time for those that don’t want to give up on the glamorous lifestyle, Glamping is the perfect solution to this. You get all the luxuries of a glamorous hotel accommodation along with the thrill and escapism obtained by camping out in the wild and to whom such experience doesn’t sound fun?

Glamping is both modern and unique, and an activity everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. There are many places to go glamping all over the world. Glamping and camping are part and parcel of one another as one is inspired by the other. Here’s a list of glamping destinations you would absolutely love in the US.

8 Best Glamping places in the US

1.    Yurt Village at Falling Waters Resort, North Carolina

With an amazing view of the surrounding landscape, Yurt Village at Falling Waters Resort in North Carolina is undoubtedly going to be a memorable vacation for you. Situated only 20 minutes away from the Great Smoky National Park, it is a breath of fresh air, far from all the fuss of city life. There are many outdoor activities and extreme sports including river rafting and zip lining so if you’re one to crave that boost of adrenaline, this one will be the best place for glamping for you! You can go with your family and make the best of this experience by staying in one of their Appalachian barn-style group lodges.

2.    Glamping Tree House in Santa Cruz Mountains

Who doesn’t like the idea of living in a tree house? Now imagine it with all the amenities and luxuries you’d want… that’s exactly what this glamping tree house in Santa Cruz Mountains has to offer. It’s close to nature and simple in its architecture but definitely everyone’s childhood dream. You can realize your dream by planning a vacation here and also get the chance to experience hiking. And if you’re not one to go high on adventure, you can simply bask in your personal hot tub that the treehouse comes with!

3.    Mendocino Grove, Northern California’s Mendocino Coast

The modern camping experience at Mendocino Grovo is ideal for anyone looking for the best of both worlds with glamping and camping. The comfortable tents they have to offer do not compromise on the quality of comfort and luxuries being provided. You can explore the gorgeous Mendocino landscape while enjoying all the facilities they have to offer.

4.    Ranch at Rock Creek, Southwestern Montana

This one at Rock Creek is nothing like your everyday Ranch and promises high-end facilities with the perfect blend of adventure and fun. The project is elaborate with many rooms and capacities. This is certainly on the more glamorous side of glamping so you might want to skip this one if you want a more “out in the open” serenity. The ranch does offer other opportunities for you to explore nature including fishing and horse-riding.

5.    Ventana Big Sur, an Alila Resort

This one is for the newlyweds out there. The Ventana Big Sur can definitely be an ideal location for your honeymoon with the classy fine-dining they offer along with the breath-taking view. Of all the places to go glamping in the US, this is one of the classier ones with lesser “adventure” involved but yes, the serenity the landscape offers are extremely soothing to the mind and soul.

6.    Under Canvas Mount Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore is a historic landmark and makes for a wonderful travel destination. However, with its transition into a modern glamping destination, the fun is undoubtedly multiplied many folds. There are many different options for tents they offer ranging from simpler ones to highly luxurious high-end tents. You can take up kayaking, mountain biking, horse-back riding and hiking among many other activities while at camp. This will be one experience you’ll remember for a long time!

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7.    Dunton River Camp, Dolores, Colorado

Sitting on a huge landscape where there is free cattle grazing; the Dunton river camp is just less than 20 feet away from the Dolores River and offers the best view. There are 8 different tents for you to rent out while on vacation. You can explore Mother Nature while on vacation here and rediscover yourself. If you’re not a fan of open water, this one might not be suitable for you. However, if a cool adventure on a meadow and forest is your ideal place for glamping and camping, this is definitely something you should check out.

8.    Capitol Reef Resort, Torrey, Utah

If you’ve been looking at places to go glamping but couldn’t find the right balance between glamping and camping, you don’t need to look at any other place than Capitol Reef Resort in Utah.  The unique tents they offer make up for a one in a lifetime experience. With luxurious cabins laden with all the facilities you could possibly think of, The Capitol Reef Resort is not something you’ll forget soon. There is a pool and hot tub for you to relax after a day of horse-backing. The 58-acre paradise also offers Llama adventures and will definitely captivate your heart!


Glamping is the next level approach to a high-end camping experience. With so many options to choose from and so many places to go glamping, it is understandable that you are confused as to where you should start on this journey of adventure and luxury. With newer glamping destinations being added to the pre-existing list every day, you can seek guidance from these top 8 interesting places to go glamping in the US. Try glamping today to capitalize on this wonderful opportunity to make memories and become a happy glamper!

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