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Top 8 Glossier Products Leaves You Wanting More

Top 8 Glossier Products Leaves You Wanting More

What everyone raves about these Glossier top products

Glossier – from its humble beginnings as a beauty blog to an international brand with a cult following. According to the Wall Street Journal reports, the cosmetics company is valued at $1.2 billion as of March 2019. An amazing feat for a start-up that is only five years old.

Glossier founder Emily Weiss started a beauty blog in 2010 called Into the Gloss. She was also a fashion assistant at Vogue then. Hard work, the perfect timing, and riding on the current trends turned Into the Gloss from a site giving beauty tips and makeup tutorials into a brand in itself – Glossier.

What Glossier did right was sticking to a direct-to-consumer strategy and maximizing the perks of a digital economy. Glossier only has two brick-and-mortar retail stores and cannot be found in cosmetic retailers like Sephora and Ulta Beauty. Instagram is the playing field for this highly-successful skincare brand.

By keeping its customers first, continually creating engaging content, maintaining communication with its readers and followers, obtaining feedback from customers and getting them to co-create products, and valuing its community of followers, Glossier has made the impossible achievable, and it only has even greater heights to achieve.

The List

So, what is that special with Glossier aside from its millennial pink bubble wrap, the perfect no-makeup-makeup look, and magical success story? One does not get a loyal community of followers if its products are ineffective. Let’s take a look at these top Glossier products that everyone raves about.

1. Glossier Boy Brow

Price: $16


Say goodbye to eyebrow spoolies and brushing them to behave. Boy Brow is a simple hack that makes any eyebrows look clean, well-groomed, and on-fleek. This Glossier top seller has created many copy cats, but none can compete with the OG.

The product comes in a tiny tube and has an even tinier brush that combs the brows well with its super-sticky but not flaky and semi waxy formula. Your brows won’t dare misbehave with Boy Brows.

Think of Boy Brows like mascara for your brows. Simply brush with short, upward strokes and the subtle colored (or transparent) formula will transform your brows, making them look fluffed, perfectly-shaped and full.


“I LOVE IT! I was sure that there can’t be too big differences between eyebrow gel and eyebrow gel, but I have to admit I was wrong. With the Glossier one I can make my eyebrows looking so naturally perfect. With the old ones I used you could see it if you looked super close, that there’s product on the hairs, not that it’s a problem, but now no one could tell that the hairs are not growing out of my skin looking perfectly thick and coloured. Won’t buy anything else than this for my eyebrows from now on.”


2. Glossier Stretch Concealer

Price: $18


Leave it to Glossier to make something that is usually thick and creamy into something that you wouldn’t feel is present. This concealer is so lightweight, you don’t have to worry about the typical concealer “cakey-ness.” Because what is the point of hiding dark spots when you have to worry about the blotches of makeup?

The texture of the Stretch Concealer is light and dewy, making it impossible to become cakey. Use it under the eyes to cover those dark circles, on the eyelids for a more pulled-together look, and on any other part that needs some covering, such as fine lines, redness and dark spots.

Glossier is all about natural-looking products, and this concealer does just that. People even opt to use only the concealer with nothing else after, for that no-makeup look.


“I’ve tried a lot of concealers. I have definite sunken eyes and this concealer is the only one I’ve tried that didn’t crease or dry out my under eye. It’s also good to help hide some redness on my chin while using the skin tint.”


3. Glossier Play Glitter Gelée

Price: $14


Glitters? Yes! Relive your childhood pleasures with this magic in a tiny compartment. This one-step glitter gel will quickly give you that jeweled effect with one stroke. It may seem daunting at first, to be using an arts and craft material on your face; however, the product is so comfortable to wear that it will only take a few days of trial for you to fall in love with glitters.

Swipe on the glitter gel if you feel down and in need of an instant mood boost or you woke up a glamorous diva. The Play Glitter Geleé stays put for 12 hours, so you don’t have to worry about losing your sparkle at any moment.

Dab it on your eyelids as eyeshadow, on the corners of your eyes, or as a highlighter – the choice is yours. Either way, look in any direction, and you will shine with the different colors of the rainbow at every angle.


“Y’all I rarely write reviews but I had to give a shout out to this. I got SO many compliments today on my sparkly eye lids and this stayed put for a whole 17 hours. I’m so impressed and I love this so much. It’s incredibly easy to apply and comes off easily with the milk jelly cleanser. Thank you you helping me feel like a space mermaid. Love love loooove this product. I’m getting more colors. :)”


4. Glossier Haloscope

Price: $22


The Haloscope is Glossier’s staple highlighter that many love. What makes this stand out above the rest? It’s because Glossier combined skincare and makeup in a heavily-relied on the cosmetic product.

The outer halo is infused with genuine crystal extracts for that much-needed “shine bright like a diamond” mood while the solid oil core is infused with vitamin-rich moisturizers that will keep you hydrated and with a dewy finish for hours.

The product is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and free of parabens, fragrances, and cruelty.


“Haloscope is the sparkle to my every day look. It’s reflective so it looks really natural and not at all glittery. It’s also very lightweight and not oily so I can’t even feel I’m wearing it. I got topaz which has a bronze glow and is great for subtly highlighting cheek bones. I tried using it on cupids bow area (lip arch) but the bronze looked weird there since I have lighter skin.”


5. Glossier Cloud Paint

Price: $18


Now for Glossier’s blush. The packaging looks so similar to acrylic paint tubes that one might be tempted to smudge some on canvas. Although Glossier might have been on the right track in hinting that our cheeks are our canvasses and the Cloud Paint our tool to create a masterpiece on our face.

The pillowy, gel-cream formula is so easy to use, those who regularly use powder blushes because they’re easier to manage would change their minds. Everyone can finger paint; therefore, dab a bit on the cheeks, and finger paint away.

The problem with liquid blushes is the highly-pigmented formula that will leave you with a glaring bright streak of pink on your cheeks instead of something that was well-blended. Luckily, Cloud Paint is seamless, sheer, and buildable – meaning it’s tough to put too much accidentally.

The six shades available complement every skin color, giving everyone a healthy, naturally-flushed glow.


“I have been using Beam for over a year and it’s less than half way empty! A little goes such a long way! I finally got Dusk and it’s just as stunning! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!”


6. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

Price: $18

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Now for skincare. True to Glossier fashion, this is no ordinary face wash. It can be used on dry skin as a makeup remover and on wet skin as a facial wash. The Milky Jelly Cleanser is pH-balanced, creamy, and cushiony that will never leave your skin stretched, dry and tight.

What makes this product so effective? It uses the same cleansing power and gentleness you can find in contact lens solution; therefore, “it is tough on impurities and still safe to use on your eyes. You’ll see,” it says on the Glossier website.

Glossier got inspiration for this two-in-one cleanser from its customers who were tired of using too many products that serve only one purpose.


“This is by far the best cleanser I have used. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated, which is an absolute must for me. I have a chronic illness and past cleansers have been really exhausting to fully wash off but Milky Jelly Cleanser simply glides off. The best part is I got my bottle a year ago and it’s still going strong with nightly washes. My skin loves it and my joints love how easy it is to remove! I definitely recommend this product to everyone!”


7. Glossier Generation G Lipstick

Price: $18


This reformulated Generation G lipstick has quickly become a fan favorite. The color is sheer, it’s moisturizing, and it is a lippie that adapts to an individual’s lips. It may only have six shades to offer, but each will react differently to different people and create a unique color, unlike any other.

The formula itself is not too thick and is comfortable to wear all day, every day. Although categorized as a lipstick because of its mattifying effect, this Generation G lippie looks and applies just like a balm, which means no drying out or flaking off.


“I am absolutely obsessed with this stuff. It’s a perfect everyday lipstick. Beautiful matte colour but also feels moisturizing. I want to get all of the colours!”


8. Glossier Lash Slick Mascara

Price: $16


Want to wear mascara to make your lashes look luscious but make it not obvious that you’re wearing mascara? This product is for you. The lightweight formula makes the lashes look long, shiny and perfectly-curled, but at the same time look natural. No need to tone down your mascara game during the day with the Lash Slick.

What’s more is that removal is not a pain in the behind, too! All you need is some warm water (or the Milky Jelly Cleanser), and the mascara glides off. A slick product, indeed.


“I have vitiligo that makes the lashes on one of my eyes pure white! I’ve never had a mascara successfully cover my white lashes entirely while making them look natural, even my lower lashes! I will buy this until the day I die.”


Final thoughts

Going through the top products of Glossier, there were a couple of consistent characteristics this well-loved brand consistently portrayed – it’s affordable, effective, and straight to the point.

You don’t have to break your wallet for cosmetics with Glossier plus, you can rest assured that the products will live up to the hype. Also, with Glossier, things are simple. Concealer, mascara, lipstick, eyebrows – the basics, without the frills and complications.

We’ve conveniently added the links to each top-rated product so you can give them a try as well.

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