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Top 6 Trending Dating Apps In The Market Now

Top 6 Trending Dating Apps In The Market Now

Stay cool with these popular dating apps while finding love

Prince Charming isn’t going to magically fall from the sky. We live in a world where we have to fight for our own happiness. Mr. Right may never show up on your doorstep if you don’t try. Still feeling a bit nervous about dating apps? Millions of people out there are using them every day. You must have heard stories from people that met through dating apps and are now happily together for years. That could be you too, check out these 6 trending dating apps in the market to fish for your next Prince Charming!

1. Tinder

Still a classic, ever since the dawn of dating apps beginning to shine, Tinder has secured its seat in the top trending dating apps over the year. This app only requires a simple registration process and it is fairly easy to use. Connect the app to your Facebook to avoid seeing friends you already know on the app. Its huge community makes Tinder one of people’s all time favorite. Literally everyone that has more than one dating app has Tinder.

For free users, you can search for people up to 100km around you, which is really good. For paid users, you can search for girls internationally, kicking geographical barriers in the face.

Available on Apple and Google Play

2. Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)

CMB is gaining loyal users over the years. People have praised it for most users are looking for something more serious than just hook ups. Also, users have commented that chances of meeting a creep through CMB are slim. They work hard to protect the safety of its users and take every complaint seriously. With the help of its users, CMB screens out fake profiles and creeps lurking around to create a safe and fun neighborhood for its users. Trying out CMB is a good option for newbies in the online dating app field since you probably lack the ability to screen out fake profiles on your own.

Available on Apple and Google Play

3. Bumble

From Bumble to Bumble BFF, this cute app strives to expand your social circle. Get Bumble BFF if you’re only interested in making new friends. Download the original Bumble if you’re in for something romantic! Bumble creates tons of opportunities for networking. You can easily do a double date with another couple online! Its sea load of fun features makes it one of the most wanted dating apps of all time!

Available on Apple and Google Play

4. OKCupid

How does Cupid tell your soulmate from your fling? Well, it’s easy and now you can do that job yourself. OKCupid offers a wide range of features, the most special one of all, the “Flavour”. You can literally screen out the flavours you like. From bearded fitness trainer to office guys with glasses, “Flavour” screens out elements you like in guys so you can find your matches even more easily.

Now being your own Cupid is just one click away. Download OKCupid today so you no longer get random profiles but profiles that actually meet your demands!

Available on Apple and Google Play

5. Grindr

Although other dating apps like Tinder allows you to exclusively search for a same-sex member, there won’t be an app out there as comprehensive as Grindr in helping you find the same-sex man of your dreams. Exclusively designed for guys to meet fellow handsome mates, Grindr is the hunting ground for gay and bisexual men to look for a serious relationship or simply a hookup.

Available on Apple and Google Play

6. Happn

Having only launched in 2014, Happn already gathered over 10 million loyal users. As advertised on their website, this location-based app allows you to discover people you’ve crossed path with, literally, in daily life. It makes you contemplate life to think that the roads you take everyday en-route to work are also taken by your future partner. Fate is just like that.

Available on Apple and Google Play

Tips on Online Dating Safety

1. If you feel something’s off, report.

Don’t bet with your life. It’s better to be wrong than sorry. If you come across something sketchy or fake profiles, report to ensure the safety of you and other users. Surely you can just unmatch them, but since you’re part of the community, you should take the responsibility to protect other users too if you see a red flag.

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2. Meet in a public place first

Getting positive vibes through texts don’t always translate to physical chemistry in person. Always take the initial date in a public place, such as a coffee shop or a restaurant. Being in public allows you to have more of a detailed read of your date and simply leave it and go home if you no longer have a positive vibe. Meeting them at their home is not recommended. After all, we read people better in person than over text. Meeting in public gives you another chance to read him (given he’s passed the texting part).

3. Be sure to set your expectations straight

It would be very awkward if you’re looking for a serious relationship and the other person just wants a hookup. One of you is going to get hurt, and it’s likely you. Don’t think you can change someone. They’re who they’re and they want what they want. Seek after people looking for the same thing as you. Set your expectations straight at first. If the other person is only looking for a hookup and you’re fine with it, go for it. Don’t do it because you hope it will turn into something more. Setting your expectations upfront protects both sides from getting hurt and allows you two to enjoy what you have.


Dating has never been more fun thanks to all the sweet technology we have in the 21st century. You can literally sit at home and find your Mr. Right just by a few tap of your fingers. All these apps are fun to use and are being used by millions of people every day. And you’ll never know, even if you don’t find your Mr. Right, maybe you will end up making some very cool friends! Download these apps today to let the hunting season begin!

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