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Top 10 Travel Apps From Budgeting To Planning

Top 10 Travel Apps From Budgeting To Planning

Multiple apps to make your travel planning a breeze

Traveling is one of the best ways to take a break from your monotonous life and just relax your mind. However, while planning a trip, one of the most important things is budgeting as traveling without planning and budgeting can get real messy. You need to be aware of the total amount you can spend on the trip and then plan your trip accordingly. Make an initial budget and consult friends who have already been to that travel destination. Ask them for recommendations and consult online budgeting tools or travel apps to help you plan a fun yet budget-friendly trip. There are numerous applications built to help with planning the trip according to your interests and budget. We will discuss a few of such applications so that you have a reliable list to choose from! Let’s dive right in.  

1.     Tripit

Tripit is an extremely easy to use application. You’ll only have to forward your travel confirmation emails to the app and it will provide you with a suitable travel schedule. It even provides you with real-time flight notifications and alerts and can also sync it with your calendar so all your meetings or other events automatically get included in your schedule. It is available for both Android as well as iOS users. The premium service will cost you around $49 per annum however the app is initially free of cost.

2.     Sygic Travel trip planner

This travel app provides information for over 20 million places including museums, famous sight-seeing places, restaurants, beaches and parks. Offline maps are also available for users having premium service of the app, for easy access to your destination. It provides you with a day to day itinerary helping you choose all the cool places you must visit in a particular city. The app is free of cost and is available on both Android and iOS. However, the offline maps service will cost $10.

3.     Roadtrippers

This app does not only provide you with the sights of your destination but also provides a plan for the journey. If you are driving to your holiday destination, this app will provide you with all the pit stops you should stop at during your journey. This application is particularly recommended for the people who prefer driving over just taking a plane. Roadtrippers is currently working in three countries only; Australia, USA and New Zealand.

4.     TripHobo

TripHobo is one of the finest apps if you plan your trip according to a given budget. All you need to do is provide details in the app regarding your interests and budget and the app will give ideas according to your interest and your budget. It also works great for business use. This user-friendly app will provide everything, from the hotel that fits your budget to the restaurants you should visit. An offline view mode is also available and it also provides you with the facility of viewing other traveler’s plans as well to take ideas from them.

5.     Google Trips

The google app for trip planning is a fairly useful application. Unlike other applications, you do not have to provide the application with all the details; it will automatically gather your travel details from your Gmail. This will help you save time and the application will gather the information and come up with a travel plan for you including suggestions of the nearby places you must visit.

6.     TripCase

This app is more useful for business trips as compared to recreational holidays. In this app, you forward your confirmation emails just like Triplt, and the app will come up with travel plans and ideas. It is more flexible than any other app and even provides little details such as your seat number on the plane.

7.     Skiplagged

This app is perfect for people who want to plan a budget-friendly trip. It shows connecting flights alongside direct flights by comparing their fares. It even helps you book last minute hotel. However, this is a less popular app as compared to the other apps due to its flight booking technicalities.

8.     Skyscanner

This is an all in one app which helps you in both planning as well as booking. This app is fairly popular as it offers price alerts alongside ideas for sightseeing. It does not have any hidden charges which makes it popular among users. However, sometimes the flight prices shown are outdated which can misguide its users.

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9.     Packing Pro

This particular application does not have a free version. However, it is worth the price as it provides with customized packing lists considering important factors such as trip duration, weather, food preferences etc. This application is only available on iOS and with that kind of app icon, please take my money!

10. Hopper

Hopper predicts the flight prices for the future and helps you wait for the right time to book your flight. This app has a 95% accuracy rate and predicts the cheapest flight to your destination analyzing a large number of flights every day. However one drawback is that sometimes some large airlines are not included in the Hopper’s list. Apart from that, this is a perfect application to choose your flight for your holiday destination.

Traveling is a great idea to have fun and relax after a long season of work. You will need to spend that leisure time with your friends and family and enjoy the beauty of nature by giving yourself a small break from your monotonous routine. However, planning and budgeting trip is equally important while deciding where to go for a holiday. You must not spend all your savings on a 7 day holiday. Hence, it is important to consult the useful applications built for exactly this purpose. For frequent travelers, they would know the importance of good apps that helps with planning their trips. Happy travels peeps. <3

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