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Signs To Back Away From These Dating Red Flags

Signs To Back Away From These Dating Red Flags

Stay away from men with these red flags

Some guys are just a no. It doesn’t matter how they look or how nice they were initially but if at a certain point you feel as if he is doing or saying things that make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable at any point, you don’t need to continue having a conversation with him.

However, we admit, sometimes it’s a little difficult to tell if a person is being weird or if it was a misunderstanding. Either way, we’ve made a list of the seven red flags that you should be careful of when you talk to a guy. If you see any of these signs, back off ASAP.

1.  He asks too many personal questions

There’s a difference between asking questions to get to know someone versus asking questions to get to know where someone lives. If he asks the wrong kind of personal questions, like the area you live in or any other private information that you wouldn’t give to a stranger or maybe even a close friend, that is a red flag right there.

There’s a difference between asking personal questions that revolve around what someone is like such as favourite food or colours or other interests but asking too many questions about your schedule and the places you like to visit or where you study, or work doesn’t seem like a normal balance.

Again, you can ask those questions, but if those are the only things he is interested in, something isn’t right.

2.   He insists on seeing your pictures

This one is one of the most obvious red flags. If he keeps asking you to send pictures, don’t talk to him, just block him. No one is entitled to see what you look like if you don’t feel comfortable showing your face. You will know for a fact that he’s a creep if he directly asks for sexual pictures or full body pictures of you. That isn’t something people who don’t know each other ask for and is certainly creep behaviour.

3.   He finds you on other social media platforms

If you’ve only added him on facebook or tinder, but he begins to send you requests on all your other social media that can be a bit weird, especially if you don’t know him that well and you’re only acquaintances. That means he stalks you on the internet and that isn’t something you want someone to do. Sending requests is fine of course but if you suddenly get requests from the same person on all your social media at the same time – and he keeps sending requests if you haven’t accepted – you need to make sure you do not add him. This is stalker level alert on dating red flags.

4.   He keeps telling you fabricated lies about himself

He might have first told you something completely different about his job or age, and you feel like whatever he tells you doesn’t entirely add up. That is an issue. Guys tell lies to impress women sometimes but there are some lies like lying about age and who you are are bad signs. That means chances of him being a catfish are much higher. He might be lying about other things too, so he cannot be trusted if he isn’t telling you the truth about himself, yet expects you to be truthful.

5. He likes really old pictures and posts of yours

We’re all guilty of stalking people who we like or new friends we add just to see what they were like before or even for curiosity related reasons. But we all know it’s creepy to like an old post or picture because that would mean the other person finds out and would consequently feel uncomfortable. But if a guy very shamelessly goes on a liking spree but specifically likes ancient posts of yours, he needs to be removed.

6.  He constantly video calls you even if you don’t want to talk

Some people are just your text buddies, so you wouldn’t call them. And people like that, people who you aren’t very close to, are certainly not the kind of people you would go around talking to on a video call.

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So it can feel awkward to video call someone if you aren’t that close to them. But if a guy constantly sends you video call requests and insists despite you telling him you don’t want to, you need to block him because if someone can’t respect the decisions you make, then they don’t need to be a part of your life.

7.  He gets aggressive if you don’t respond

One of the main dating red flags is aggression. If a man shows an aggressive side over trivial things especially and pressurizes you into doing things that you do not want to do, he’s bad news.

Showing aggression doesn’t make anyone more “masculine” or “macho”. It just makes someone rude and dangerous to be around. Guys who are visibly more aggressive might also be more likely to be physically and emotionally violent as well. So if he’s someone who gets mad over the smallest reason, like you not sending your picture, he doesn’t need to be in your life. Cut him off.

Safety and comfort are one of the two most important things about any friendship or relationship and if someone cannot respect those, then what are the chances that they will understand and respect other things that you say and do. People like this aren’t the kind of people you should surround yourself with. So be cautious and watch out for these signs.

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