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Secret Tips on Caring For Your Girly Bits

Secret Tips on Caring For Your Girly Bits

Pick up these tips your mother never shared with you about

It’s really important to stay clean, and we mean everywhere ladies. It’s really easy to wash your body, but there are some parts that you just cannot wash the same way.

Your girly parts need to be as clean as the rest of your body but since they’re very sensitive parts, so extra precaution needs to be taken in order to keep them clean. But not to worry. We’ve made a list of the best tips you’ll need to keep your lady garden super clean and healthy.

1. Don’t use too many products

We know this can sound a bit difficult to believe, but it’s true! The female vagina actually cleans and regulates itself which is why it doesn’t really need any additional products or washes etc.

In fact, using genital washes and soaps can drastically affect the pH of the vagina and do much more harm than good. Instead of cleaning your vagina it could disturb the balance.

So that means cutting down on the bath bombs ladies. We know bath bombs are great but if the vagina and vulva are exposed to the chemicals in it for too long, that’ll cause a lot of damage.

2. Don’t touch it too much

Self-pleasure is one thing but constantly touching yourself could be bad for your vagina. Sometimes too much friction can even hurt the skin around it, which is not the pain you want to endure.

In addition, if you touch it too much, there are more germs that land onto it which makes it even harder to keep it clean. The more you touch it, the less clean it gets. And since it’s a very sensitive part of the body, it can easily be irritated, so you don’t want to do that.

3. Avoid using soaps and fragrant washes

Anything that is scented is bad for your vagina because it contains chemicals and products that you want to keep as far away from your private parts as possible. They will affect the pH balance of your vagina and don’t even help to make them smell better, so it’s really too risky for you to use scented products there. It’s normal for vaginas to not smell like berries and flowers, so don’t expect them to.

4. Don’t douche, it’s not going to work

We know douching is a really common thing but that needs to stop. The vagina cleans itself and doesn’t need to be flushed from the inside using a douche. They cause discomfort and are probably doing less good and more harm to your vagina.

Using anything mildly acidic near the vagina would disrupt the pH balance of the vulva and douching just does that. Worse, douching also kills off the “good” kind of bacteria that you need down there and gets rid of everything, even the things that the vagina needs to stay healthy.

Do yourself a favor and never buy a douche ever again. You’re harming your vagina every time that you do.

5. Avoid scented pads and tampons

It sounds a little hard to come across unscented pads and tampons but trust us; they’re more common than you think they are. Just like the reasons we’ve listed above, there are so many chemicals that are trapped in these scents that should not be in contact with your vagina. So when they do make contact, they alter the pH which in turn results in creating a weird smell down there, rather than making them smell fresh and sweet. We said it once, and we’ll say it again, it’s perfectly normal for your vagina not to smell like flowers and berries; that just isn’t the way they naturally smell.

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6. Your underwear could be a problem as well

Anything that’s too tight could be uncomfortable for your vagina; you don’t want to wear underwear that’ll make it hard for your skin to breathe, no matter how sexy the lingerie may be. It doesn’t matter what the style of the underwear is as long as it’s breathable.

For instance, cotton undies help the vagina and vulva breathe which is why they’re much better than other materials. If your undies don’t allow any air to reach your coochie, you could get yeast infections.

7. Use lube when you have sex

Sex without lube can cause a lot of friction and pain, which is the last thing that you need because too much friction could burn the vagina or lead to yeast infections. Don’t ignore redness and swollenness; using more lube can certainly help decrease friction which means a healthier happier vagina.

8. Make sure whatever you use near your genitals is clean

The most important thing is to make sure that anything that goes near your vagina is sanitized and clean because any contact with the bad kind of bacteria could lead to irritation, itchiness, and infections.

Most of the time, if you need to wash down there, try not to use any wet wipes or cloth or soap; use your hand instead. But make sure your hand is clean before you go ahead and touch yourself. 

Because of how sensitive genitals can be, it’s always best to be extra careful when tending to them. You don’t want to do something that could cause irritation or redness, or worse an infection. If you follow the tips we have mentioned above, things should be great down there.

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