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Reignite Flirting Back To A Mundane Relationship

Reignite Flirting Back To A Mundane Relationship

Work on these 5 tips to bring flirting back to your relationship

Flirting is always fun, face it. The thrill is great; it helps build your relationship more and is just plain fun. But as time passes and your relationship starts to grow serious, you might notice that the flirty aspect of the relationship is going downhill and slowly fading away. It’s normal not to be always flirty, but a relationship can get a little – if not a lot – boring if there’s nothing flirty about it. But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Check out these five great tips to make sure your relationship stays intimate and flirty.

1. Send each other flirty text messages

This is a great kick starter, especially if you’re a little shy or hesitant. Flirting on text is super easy and super fun because you can send emojis, gifs and stickers to inject a lot more colors to your texts than it already is. Drop a flirty text out of the blue and if they laugh or think it’s funny, don’t let that discourage you.

Try it a little more, they’ll catch on and send flirty texts back. Drop one while you’re at work or out someplace so that you two also have something to talk about when you meet. It’ll help establish more intimacy and also makes flirting in real life even easier because you were already doing it online or on the text.

2.  Go out on romantic dates a lot more

If you don’t go out on romantic dates as much as you used to, you need to make a reservation someplace right now. Both of you should plan to go on a date at least once every week, to keep things intimate.

Go to a candlelight dinner, get some drinks and maybe even pretend like it’s your first time and play along. That can get flirtatious. Share your food too, lightly rub your foot against his leg from under the table, so he gets the idea. Wear something that’ll flaunt your skin, and that’ll work out for you. Make sure both of you are comfortable and enjoying throughout all of the experience.

Life is short so make sure both of you spend time well together. Even if you don’t feel like going to a fancy dinner date, a movie date is fine too. Watch the latest rom-com together, dimly lit cinema could also be a great romantic spot. For a flirty relationship to remain that way, going out on more dates will give both of you more chances to grow on intimacy.

3. Talk dirty

Alright, this isn’t like flirting on the text. You can talk dirty on text too, but it’s a lot more fun face to face. When you talk about the things, you’ll do to each other that creates a lot of sexual tension and anticipation. If he asks you how you’re doing, take that chance and say something hot instead of a casual “I’m fine.” That’ll interest him too, and he’ll probably play along with you and say something that’ll turn you on, and you two continue this way back and forth. That keeps your relationship flirty all the way to the bedroom.

But don’t do this all the time! If you regularly sext or talk dirty, it could get boring or routine-like. And we don’t want that to happen. There should be thrill and excitement and the element of unpredictability. If you repeat the same thing regularly, it won’t sound as hot as it will if you say it naturally and spontaneously.

4.  Get a little physical

Physical intimacy helps increase the flirtatious tension in a relationship. Just talking to each other dirty or sending flirty texts can build the excitement and anticipation, but you need to feel the thrill too. You need to get that tension that builds to break and use the energy and do something. Cuddle more often, or lightly touch one another. Hit their shoulders while walking or hold hands.

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There are so many little things you could do to heighten the tension between each other, especially when you break the touch barrier. Touch each other’s faces or place your hand on his leg while you go on a drive someplace. If you’re having dinner someplace, stroke his leg slightly with your foot, just like we mentioned earlier. That good old trick always works, trust us.

5.  Try something new… in bed

So all of this tension being built shouldn’t go to waste now should it? After the constant flirty texts and dates and dirty talking, there’s got to be another step to seal the deal. You need to make sure whatever the previous steps brought for you doesn’t go to waste. You need to show him that you aren’t all talk. So take the physical factor to a whole new level. But try something you two haven’t done before in bed.

It’s always helpful for a relationship to explore what you two would like to do sexually. There’s no harm in trying new positions; if it doesn’t work out, try something else. Don’t be worried about embarrassing yourself, as long as you’re confident and both of you enjoy yourself, it’s all perfect. To make the experience even hotter, wear something new each time, to surprise him. Maybe also go back and watch Fifty Shades to get some ideas.

Add some spice to your relationship; there’s nothing wrong about it. Couples usually forget and move on from their ‘honeymoon phase’ and stop flirting with each other. Explore new things about each other and yourself, and don’t forget that playfulness that once brought the both of you together. If you follow these steps and techniques, your relationship is guaranteed to be flirty as ever.