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Pros and Cons of Dating a Shorter Guy

Pros and Cons of Dating a Shorter Guy

How to get over dating a shorter guy

Netflix has a show known as Tall Girl and that’s the classic show of a Tall Girl who can’t look past height in a partner but eventually relents because “Does height really matter in a relationship?” Do you really need to slouch and feel all the insecurities while dating a guy shorter than you?

There are girls who set their checklist and criteria on meeting their soulmates and we’re pretty sure that height is one of them. It’s been known for a fact that (most) women prefer dating a taller man because they feel protected and secure. That feeling of your partner towering over you as they lean forward to hug you from the back..yes, we geddit. It is romantic and we are not going to lie about that.

But height is relative and there is nothing wrong dating a guy shorter than you. Yes, dating a shorter guy can surely make some women feel a little insecure but aside from height, there are other qualities we should also look at while dating men, short or not.

Benefits of Dating A Shorter Guy

1. He is confident

You can be sure that if your partner is shorter than you, he is a much confident man than any others out there. He doesn’t care about what others have to say and even if they did say something, nothing is going to bruise his ego. He is proud of you and you’re the trophy girlfriend he is going to tell the world about. If height doesn’t matter to him, it shouldn’t matter to you too.

2. They are more dedicated to the relationship

Studies have shown that shorter men will put in more effort into impressing their partners personality-wise, and you’ll never have to quarrel about his lack of assistance in housework-sharing because they contribute more to housework than their ‘taller’ counterparts. Shorter men were also 32 percent less likely to divorce in comparison. Sounds like a Happily Ever After deal you’ve got right there.

3. Lesser financial issues

According to Medical Daily, it is studied that 79% of men shorter than their partners also tend to earn higher incomes. They are the perfect breadwinners for the house!

4. You’re going to get more action in the bedroom

And we meant S-E-X. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, shorter men actually have more sex! While age and health have a direct effect on a guy’s sex life, guys shorter than 5 foot 9 inches were actually reported having more sex than taller men.

Cons of dating a shorter man

It is hard to have the best of both worlds. Without avoiding the issues, here are some obvious cons of dating a shorter man than you.

1. Awkward sex alignments

There’s always that awkward, funny misalignment if you’re thinking to spoon after sex, or when he’s on top and his feet touches…the top of your feet. If you’re craving for all that masculinity that comes with lugging you from the sofa to the bed and throwing you on the bed waiting to be devoured. You might be missing the point here.

Yes, you would not be matching like rulers to rulers but hey, roleplaying and all those bedroom tricks are not limited by heights.

2. You’re always second-guessing your choices

“Should I have worn flats instead of heels earlier?”

“Is he really okay to stand in front of me when we took those photos?”

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“Is he really who I want?”

These are the questions that will always give you doubts and insecurities which you’ll have to deal with, aside from questions from all your concerned friends. You might also be constantly finding ways to justify your choice of partner. But remember, you shouldn’t have to justify who you’re dating.

3. You’re always sensitive on your choice of words

When it comes to making jokes, you’re always overly sensitive on jokes about height. The words ‘tall’, ‘short’ and ‘height’ casts a shadow upon you like a witch to her poisons. You find yourself limiting your friends when it comes to matters of the ‘height’ so it won’t make him feel bad.

Get over it already!

Remember, you are the one that is in the relationship and nothing anyone else says should get you down. If you cannot get past that, then you have to relook at your relationship because you are your only obstacle in finding your love. Nothing is going to convince you that this could work if your heart is swayed by physical attributes such as height. Height does not build him up as a person nor can you build a relationship based on height alone.

Focus on what you really like about him internally, things such as his charms, his intelligence or his love for animals or compassion towards people. We are sure that will definitely steer you in the right direction.

There’s a reason why you chose him as your mate. Give him credit for that. Having the height is one matter, but that’s not all that truly matters so look at his personality and focus on the good points – he makes you laugh, always!

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