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How To Tell If You’re Dating An Insecure Man

How To Tell If You’re Dating An Insecure Man

Why you shouldn’t date an insecure man

A relationship should be healthy and bring out positive changes in you as a person. Being in love shouldn’t feel like an obligation. The fear faced by an insecure man can end up hurting himself and you as well. If a man truly loves you and is committed to making the relationship work, he’ll never demand things you’re not okay with. He’ll respect your privacy and let you have your freedom. He will not try to dictate who and what you spend your time on. The true potential of a relationship is tested in tough times, but an insecure man will bail out on you if such cases arise. Here are five signs you can look out for to tell if you’re dating an insecure man.

5 Signs You’re Dating An Insecure Man

1. He keeps asking about your past life

One of the most important traits your partner should have must include being okay with your past life. Be it your crushes or any ex-boyfriends, it shouldn’t bother a man if he is secure in his own skin. However, an insecure man will always feel threatened by any former relationships you’ve been in. He will try to bring up your past relationships in every conversation and use it as a weapon to make you feel guilty, impure or the weird one in the relationship.

Try to keep these interrogations at bay, because they can soon turn into full-time investigations. It can bother him to think about your interactions with them. He might even try to ask you questions about your intimacy with them. He might be interested in knowing about particular qualities your ex might have. This can lead him to make comparisons of himself with your former lovers. This is a pet reaction of insecure people. Upon being confronted about this, he can just shrug it off as “wanting to know about your life”. Keep an eye out for this red flag. If he cannot accept your past, he doesn’t deserve your present!

2. He doesn’t let you be alone with friends

Everybody needs alone time and some precious cooling off time with close friends. When in a relationship, it is always better to keep out of anything that might make you feel claustrophobic. This can include spending all day all night with your partner. It doesn’t indicate that you don’t love spending time with each other, but it is just better to have other interests and friends too. But for an insecure person, this can appear like a threat. An insecure man will try his best to not let you be alone with your friends. For the fear of you losing interest in him, he’ll try to always keep you to himself. If your man is acting like this, you’re in for a roller-coaster ride with an insecure man, so better get off the ride as soon as possible.

3. He isn’t comfortable with your colleagues

Your professional life should never be affected by your personal affairs and vice versa. A man who isn’t confident in himself will always see your professional life as something that takes you away from him. This obsession can soon become toxic and make him suffocate you more and more with each passing day. The discomfort he might experience with your colleagues and work friends can seem “cute” at first, but this possessiveness can become an obsessive nature in no time. Watch out if he just tries to isolate you from your work and tries to snub your professional dreams. An insecure man will never be okay with your career goals and will try to make you handicapped and dependent on him.

4. He fears you don’t love him enough

Everybody needs validation at one time or another. It is completely understandable and shouldn’t be discouraged in lovers. However, an insecure man can torment you with constant need to be reassured. His fear of you not loving him enough might keep on increasing every passing moment. He may challenge you to do something stupid for him. Anything immature that might validate your love and devotion towards him. This can be a downward spiral and you may soon find yourself having to prove your love day in and day out. This is a sign of your man being extremely insecure and uncomfortable in the relationship, watch out!

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5. He threatens to break up on trivial matters

Insecurity can consume a man and a relationship more than anything else. It mostly does because it starts out as an innocent puppy love. It can appear cute, the need to always be together and constant expressions of I love you in one way or another. An insecure man will threaten to break up with you on trivial matters. It can be anything as simple and petty as you going to work at an odd time. He might see this as your way of going out. This makes him anxious and he may try to manipulate you with his emotional maneuvers. His threats can take a toll on your own comfort level and end up making you insecure like him. This can harm your relationship with him in more ways than one.

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings of the world. Having those butterflies in the pit of your stomach can send you into a fairytale. But sometimes we can get too lost in finding that perfect fairytale of ourselves. In trying to imagine being in the ideal love story, it is possible that you might miss out on some big red flags. It is important to be able to identify and eradicate any insecurities that your partner might have. Insecure men will always try to limit your growth as a person and also in the relationship. It is helpful if you know the tell-tale signs of insecurity in a man. Being with somebody who is insecure in a relationship can exhaust all your mental and emotional faculties. Love yourself first and steer clear of such toxic relationships!

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