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How To Tell If He Is Husband Material?

How To Tell If He Is Husband Material?

Find out if he is husband material enough to marry

So you’re one of those lucky people who finally found a man who could be ‘The One’. After multiple heartbreaks and letdowns, you’ve finally met someone who you think is different, someone who you believe truly understands you and makes you feel great.

When you find someone so special, it’s best never to let go of it, right? So should you take the next big step? Do you think you should put a ring on it? Here’s 8 signs that will tell you if he’s husband material.

1.   He always makes you laugh

Now hear me out, I’m not saying he should be a clown. But he’s worth it if he’s someone who makes you laugh. He knows where your funny bone is and tickles you silly (and we mean that literally and figuratively ladies). He’ll cheer you up whenever you’re feeling low, and he’ll always know what to say to you. But he’ll also know what time to make a joke and when not to make one. If he’s like Chandler Bing, you know he’s a keeper.

2.   He knows you like the back of his hand

Don’t be like Anna from Frozen and marry the person you’ve just met. You need to make sure they know you REALLY well. And we aren’t talking about the basics like favorite food or brands or perfume. Those are things anyone could know about you. But he knows all your secrets, even the ones from when you were a child.

He knows you bite your thumb when you’re nervous, or that you have a birthmark shaped like a shoe on your hip. He knows the names of all your friends, and if he doesn’t, then he remembers some stories you once told him about them. If he’s someone who notices little quirks about you and understands you because of them, don’t let him go.

3.   He knows when you’re upset and how to deal with it

He’s the perfect guy if he can tell you’re feeling low just by looking at you. You can pretend to be happy on text to him but he’ll sense something isn’t right (telepathic really). He’ll know when to talk to you about things and when not to; he’ll know if you want a shoulder to cry on or privacy.

We all have bad days, but sometimes we need our significant other to help us get through them faster. And he’ll bring you ice cream if that makes you feel better.

4.  He’s a great listener

We all know how much men love to speak and interfere. We’ve all been there haven’t we ladies? But this one doesn’t cut you off in the middle of your story to tell you about his. Even if he does, he’ll immediately apologize, maybe even ask you to finish first.

He listens intently to whatever you tell him, whether it’s a quick update on your day at work or a story about your aunt’s dog. He’ll pay attention and engage in the conversation, by asking questions that prove he was listening (but if he keeps saying “Could you repeat that?” he was either not listening, or he’s going deaf).

5.    You always talk about things after a fight

Couples fight, it’s pretty normal. There can be arguments and disagreements, you don’t always have to see eye to eye. If you two don’t have any arguments, that could cause a problem. Arguments happen, but stronger marriages and relationships are of those people who speak to each other after the fight. Meaning, you both make sure you discuss the whats and whys of the situation and talk like civil adults.

You discuss and communicate with one another, make sure the other person knows how you feel or what you want. That way, there’s no miscommunication, the dreadful thing that ruins all kinds of friendships.

6.  You’re not scared to tell him anything, even if it’s about him

It’s never good to keep secrets from your significant other. The most important things in a relationship is trust after all, so if there’s some things you’re too scared to tell him, you might want to think why. If you’re scared he won’t take it well or that he’ll misunderstand, that is not a healthy dynamic.

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There should be so much trust between the two of you that you could tell each other absolutely anything without worrying the other person would react rashly. You know he won’t cringe if you talk about having period cramps; he isn’t going to judge you if you tell him an embarrassing secret.

You’re so comfortable talking to them about things that you’d even tell them if you cheated on them (but you shouldn’t cheat on him, because he’s a great guy). And if you do tell him something you’re not proud of, he’ll give you good advice and try to help you solve the problem. We don’t want a man who thinks we’re angels, we all make mistakes.

7.   He makes you feel good about yourself

Being around him, you feel comfortable being yourself. You don’t need to pretend to be someone you are not; you can be your usual dorky self, and they’ll treat you the same way. We aren’t saying we need men to make us feel good about ourselves; we believe a man is worth being around if he celebrates you and your womanhood and appreciates and respects you for it.

8.   Before anything else, he’s your best friend

It’s always a great feeling to fall in love with your best friend. They know everything about you and love spending time with you. What better person to marry than your bestie? He’ll treat you like a best friend and be comfortable around you.

With best friends, you don’t need to be shy or scared of being yourself. You can be yourself as much as you want to because you know they’ll love you and accept you for that.

If he’s ticked most of the boxes up there ladies, you should listen to Beyonce and put a ring on it. He’s definitely husband material then.