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How to Practice Self-Love and Be Good To Yourself

How to Practice Self-Love and Be Good To Yourself

Prioritise yourself and practice these tips on self-love

You are wonderfully made, the holy book attests to that fact so what reason do you have not to feel unique about yourself? You are the only uniquely awesome version of yourself. There’s no one else like you so you definitely deserve all the love you can get from everyone around you and most importantly, the love you give yourself.

Self-love is no easy feat, especially during turbulent times. Self-love is different from being selfishly absorbed in oneself and way different from being a narcissist. It’s about knowing ourselves deeply enough to know what is best for our well-being, general happiness and peace of mind.

Self-love helps us push through dark times and expands our faith which in turn leads to the path of a fulfilling life.

Achieving self-love is easy, you just need to follow these simple steps:

The Key To Self-Love Is In These Tips

1. Be patient

Practicing self-love isn’t a day’s work, you need to be patient and persistent. One needs to practice it daily, and in some cases, it takes a lifetime to master. So you need to be kind to yourself and know it’ll all work out in the long run.

2. Start your day on an encouraging note

Start every day by complimenting yourself and having positive thoughts. Be impressed with your previous day problem-solving ability or feel good about a task you accomplished.

3. Take care of your body

Fill yourself with healthy food and drinks that will nourish your body and cover your skin with clothing materials that’ll make you feel on top of the world. You deserve it.

4. Love your skin

Admire yourself and love every part of your body deeply. Appreciate every inch of your skin and keep in mind that about issues concerning your body, your opinion is best.

5. Shut your inner pessimist out

Learn to recognize your pessimistic and inner critic thoughts and ignore them. Do not believe any negative thing you think about yourself.

6. Surround yourself with positive vibes

Mingle with happy people. People who will encourage you and raise your spirits. People who would want to show you how amazing they think you are.

7. Eliminate the bad energy around you

Everyone has negative people around them, sever your connection with them, so they don’t bring you down with their negative, self-deprecating thoughts.

8. Be respectful

Treat people around you with love and respect you would want them to treat you with. Basic things like being polite goes a long way in making you feel good about yourself and do not be discouraged if some of the people you respect don’t return the favor.

9. Don’t be a loner

Stay connected to your family and good friends, colleagues, anything that’ll help or distract you from feeling low during tough times.

10. Celebrate yourself

Make a big deal of every achievement you make no matter how small. Be proud of your wins.

11. Move out of your comfort zone

Try something new. Do not settle down in your comfort zone, expand your horizon. Achieving something out of your comfort zone is a huge confidence builder.

12. Appreciate your uniqueness

What differentiates every individual from each other is also what makes them unique. Be proud of it.

13. Be confident of your looks

Do not get intimidated by the photoshop pedal pictures of models on magazine pages. Beauty cannot be defined. The reality is those professional models don’t even look like their magazine pictures.

14. Clear your mind occasionally

Make time to calm and free your mind. Clear your thoughts and just experience the peace that comes with it.

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15. Be fully aware of your thoughts and choices.

Practice conscious thought and choices. Be very mindful of your thoughts and actions, what you feel and what you want.

16. Be grateful

Everyone experiences bad days, this shouldn’t bring you down. Find something to be thankful for every day and always look for the silver lining in every dark cloud.

17. Learn to say NO

Saying “No” can also be a good thing. It doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person, it just shows that you are smart and you don’t let emotions dictate your choices.

18. Always forgive yourself

We all have made bad decisions at one time or the other that led to embarrassment or just made you feel bad. Let it all slide, it shows you are human, and the most important part is, its history so it shouldn’t control your future. Chalk it up as one bad experience and turn it around.

19. Put it all on paper

When you have a lot on your mind, random thoughts just floating around and causing your head to ache, just take a legal pad and jot it all down no matter how crazy, stupid or unimportant it might appear. Then you can decide on what to do with it later, anything all that’ll help you get it over with like burning or even burying it.

20. Love your life

Do not feel the need for anyone’s approval and do not pay attention to their ill-conceived judgment. Appreciate the things you have and feel good about it.

21. Let go of your past trauma

Emotionally disengage yourself from past trauma and wounds. It’s hard to move on from trauma, but that is the period you need to seek out your circle of positive friends and let them help you get out of it. Sharing the weight of the worry gives you a fighting chance against it.

22. Accept your humanity

Allow yourself to be human once in a while. No one can always be happy. We all make mistakes, we feel things, and some things just won’t work out. Feeling bad once in a while is allowed, just don’t dwell on it for too long.

Lastly, be creative with expressing your thoughts. Take up painting, dancing, writing or woodwork, whatever you feel good doing and express yourself with it. Make a list of your most exciting times and your significant accomplishments. Remind yourself of your own awesomeness with this list when things are down. You are amazing! Practice these steps, and you will be the happiest version of yourself.

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