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Help! Conversation Starters To Keep A Marriage Alive

Help! Conversation Starters To Keep A Marriage Alive

Tips to bring some convos back to your marriage

A marriage can go bland easily and lack the spice it first had. After years of marriage, it can be hard to feel those butterflies in the stomach all over again. If you feel like your marriage is lacking the life it used to have, here’s how you can keep it alive and feel in love again with these conversation starters.

Keeping a marriage alive

Do you think about your initial days of dating? Those glittery butterflies and sleepless nights? When you gush as he romances you through those late night phone chats? It is natural for human beings to fall into a routine and then crave to break that routine… crazy, right? But that’s humans for you! So how can you escape the routine and be that young and adventurous couple you once were?  The answer is simple, learn about your partner all over again. All the way from the beginning! We all keep changing throughout our lives. You should always aspire to rediscover your partner.

You can keep your marriage alive by keeping the conversations flowing. Most couples that complain of being bored in their relationship say that they no longer talk to their significant other. The conversation has slowly become increasingly mechanic and there is no real connection. If you feel yourself pausing to think what you can even talk about, now that you both know everything about each other… here are 5 ideas to start a conversation your significant other!

5 Interesting Conversation Starters

1. What’s your favourite memory from our first date?

The first days of a relationship can be full of excitement and crazy stuff. First dates are almost always nervous and include some sort of a mess up. You’re both fumbling around and are so conscious about making a good impression. Now that you’ve had a lot of time that passed by after that, you can have a good hearty laugh by recalling it.

Trying to start a conversation by talking about your first date can bring up a lot of good memories and maybe even make your partner miss the old, anxious days where they made a conscious effort of landing a good impression. You can share what made it memorable, other than it being your first one together. Or the crazy details that happened before that, the clumsy bits and have a chuckle about your younger self being so cautious!

It’s a trip down memory lane and it’s always fun if you take it together with your partner! This will also help you in appreciating the valuable connection which you built overtime that both of you might be taking for granted.

2. What is a fantasy of yours we haven’t tried yet?

Intimacy is an extremely important part of a relationship. When you are both sexually aware and coherent, it is always extremely pleasurable for both partners. It is always good to spice up your marriage with some new fantasies… or old. It can be anything they might have wanted to try out at some point of time. Maybe some good old role play, or some BDSM… Anything that will promise you both a good time. You can ask your partner about any fantasies they’ve had and if they might want to try it out! It doesn’t have to be a hard and fast rule that you’ll act on the fantasies. But just talking about it can make you both excited and add the missing flavor back into your marriage – back with a bang of course!

3. What did you want to be when you were young?

Every kid has some dreams and aspirations of what they want to be when they grow up. Kids are imaginative and can have amazing ambitions in their tender hearts. They might feel like being a veterinary doctor to take care of their dog after it once got sick. Or maybe an ice cream seller? To be able to eat all the ice-cream in the world! Kids are innocent and talking about their dream profession can be fun. Start a conversation on this with your partner and feel the connection developing again. It’s always fun to explore your partners mind. Especially their thoughts as a young child!

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4. If you had a chance to grow up in any time period, which would you choose?

We are all living in the age of technology. 21st century is all about being aware and politically correct. However, throughout history and different time periods, many different sort of conditions have dominated the world. Asking about their favorite time period in history can be an interesting conversation starter. It can help you both visualize life back in the day and have a fun chat about what your day to day affairs would have been like. Growing up in a certain time period is something we all do. After all, we hear the “born in the wrong decade” anecdote a little too often, don’t we?

5. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

We were all young and stupid once. Our younger days have some crazy and stupid adventures and stories of embarrassment hidden in them. Talking about your partner’s crazy adventures can be a fun way to start a conversation. Let them be their unapologetic and fearless self and see how they unwind. In our daily grind, we often forget to have fun. Recalling the old days of carefree joy can indeed cheer a person. This will also help them loosen up in front of you and you both can develop a better friendship because of this.

All human interactions can have dry spells in them. On a bad day, it is important to love your partner and look for ways to re-ignite the dwindling fire in your relationship. This can be done by subtly starting conversation again. Even if you find yourself too occupied in your work or just otherwise frustrated, making time for a good conversation with your significant other will pay off in the longer run. Having something to talk about is always important in a healthy relationship. When you talk about the little things, you get the comfort and confidence to bring up bigger issues too!

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