Gym Staples – The Must-Haves For Gyming

Minimalistic to comprehensive gym needs, we got you covered

Must-Haves for ensuring a clean experience at the gym

The last thing you want is to have a tacky feeling while at the gym. The workouts can surely get messy and sweaty but you should always be prepared but the question is, how do you stay prepared? Well, we have your back here. Find out what’s on our list of must-haves for ensuring that you’ll have a clean experience at the gym and don’t come out of it stinking like a fish!

1.    Change of clothes and Toiletries

Motivation for the gym is essential because without it, keeping up gets harder and you end up skipping it. To stay motivated, you need to feel good after your gym session so be it your sports bra or your sweaty socks; having sweaty clothing can actually ruin the whole mood!

While most gym these days provide you with basic toiletries, nothing beats using your own preferred personal items. It’s best to keep an extra pair of clean undergarments, a nice travel size shampoo, soap and hand sanitizer along with a good deodorant to fight off any stench of the workout in your gym bag. Taking a shower afterwards and changing can go a long way!

2.    Towels

Don’t underestimate the power of towels at the gym! If towels take up a lot of space in your bag, consider carrying any absorbing piece of cloth. Again, some gyms provide this, but you’d want your own. Trust us, when you’re dripping like rain after your session, you’ll thank yourself for listening to us on this one.

3 Things you need to have a healthy workout

The whole idea of going to the gym and breaking a sweat is to improve your health. Even if you’re looking to build muscle or simply lose weight; both ways health is the key. Here are 5 things you should add in your gym bag to have a healthy and hearty workout.

1.   Staying hydrated!

Spending your bucks into a quality thermos or water bottle isn’t a waste of money but a very good investment. Carrying protein shakes or water is essential when it comes to gyming because you’ll need energy after sweating out.

2.  Protein bar

Always keep a protein bar or some other form of a nutritious boost with you. After an intense workout session, its understandable if you’re too tired to make yourself a healthy meal which is why protein bars are convenient, healthy and an instant way to refuel yourself…and on-the-go!

3.    A mini-first aid kit

We hope your gym workout goes by smoother than ever but this one is important for any unforeseen injury. Carry with you a handful of Band-Aids, pain-killers, or antiseptic wash. Someone else might be needing it and would definitely thank you for handing out one.

3 Things that will help you get the best out of your gym sessions

To optimize your workout session; you’ll need the following things.

1.    Training shoes

A good pair of athletic shoes that fit well and perform well is critical to a good workout. There are different shoes made for certain purposes such as running or gyming. If you’re determined about getting in shape, training shoes should be a priority for a safe and comfortable experience.

2.    Smart Watch

Smart watches have made our lives easier. You might want to wear your smartwatch to the gym to track your training and progress with their built-in apps. At the same time, you will be able to keep in touch with the rest of the world easily especially if you’re taking your lunch break for this kickass session.

3. A good gym attire

We can never emphasize this enough. A good gym attire could make or break your workout routine especially if you’re a well-endowed person. Invest in a few quality pieces and you’ll turn heads for the right reasons.

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3 Things you should have to have a smooth and fun session at the gym

As much as the gym is about hardcore energy and giving it your all – it’s also about having fun and making the best of those 2 hours at the gym. Pack these in your gym bag to ensure you have a smooth and fun session while breaking a sweat!

1. Bluetooth ear buds or earphones

You have no idea how good music during gym session plays a very big role in the level of motivation you’re working out with. If you’re listening to powerful music with uplifting lyrics, you’ll automatically channel all that power into your workout. Most of the times, gyms have their own playlists and you can request to get your songs on there but having a personalized playlist goes a long way. So get your gym playlist ready and don’t forget your earphones! This brings us to our next gym essentials for a fun experience.

2.    Water resistant cell phone armband

You surely don’t want your phone flying across the hall or having to hold it at all time because that’s just not possible when you’re exercising. Buy an armband to make sure your phone is always in place and you don’t lose it. If you’re using earphones, the wire won’t get in the way if it’s right next to your arm. Or either that, stick to your smartwatch.

3. Headband

If you’re one with short hair, you won’t understand the irritation of hair on your face when you’re focusing on an important task at hand. That tingly feeling on your forehead and hair poking your eyes can easily make a person drop what they are doing to make a failed attempt of pushing the hair back only to have it falling back on your face again, seconds later. Well, all of us girls have been there which is why, when you have heavy weights up in the air, you can’t just drop it to keep your hair at bay because that would be a disaster. To avoid such situations, get your hands on a gym headband. You won’t have to worry about your hair whether you’re on a treadmill or in middle of a jumping jack set.

Going to the gym can be stressful because of the vast array of things that are out there. Where to draw a line and what to pack can be nerve-wracking. Check off this list as you pack your gym bag and you’ll definitely not regret it.