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Dive Back Into Dating For Mature Ladies

Dive Back Into Dating For Mature Ladies

Start dating again with these 10 love advice for mature ladies

Love is not confined to a certain age or time period. You can fall in love all over again even at the age of 40. However, with age, your requirements and interests in your partner change. During teenage or early 20s, your priorities are different. Few of the most important things you look for in your partner at that age are looks or maybe money but as you grow older you realize that the most important things in a relationship are honesty, trust, compassion, and respect. The qualities a mature woman will look for in a man will be completely different from that of a teenage girl. Here are a few love advice for all my mature ladies out there.

1.     Keep your girlfriends

When you are in your 20s and you meet a guy, you start sacrificing our friendships and prioritize that guy you just started dating over friends. In the process, you end up losing close friends and since you cannot go back in time to restore the lost friendships, you need to learn to value them as much as you value your relationship. Mature women know how to balance relationships in their life. However, if you are unable to keep a balance, you need to keep in mind that your friends were in your life before you met this guy and realize that you cannot afford to lose your friends anymore. If he put you in a position to choose, you should know that he isn’t the one.

2.     Don’t settle

Only because all your friends are either happily married or are settling down, does not mean that you should compromise on all the things you want in a man and settle down yourself with a man who doesn’t deserve you. The fear of being alone is justified but it should not force you to jump into an unwanted marriage or relationship. Take your time before you decide to be with someone. Being alone is always better than ending up with the wrong person.

3.     Become the person you want to attract

Self-love is extremely important before you look out for someone to fall in love with you. If you do not love or respect yourself enough, how can you expect the other person to love you unconditionally? Learn to walk away from the people and things that do not treat you the way you need to be treated. Be ambitious and strong, only then will you attract someone who is as ambitious as you and values a strong woman like you.  

4.     Understand why personal space is important

Personal space is extremely important for any person be it a man or a woman. No matter how great your relationship is, understand that your own space is important for you. Prioritize yourself over everything else and take a spa day or a long walk on your own. You need to realize that your partner needs his space too. Value each other but do not become completely dependent on each other.

5.     Do not give up your identity

When you are in love and you enter in a new relationship, you are excited to know everything about your partner. You are interested in his likes and dislikes, and you even want to pursue some of his interests. For example, if you hate morning walks, but your partner loves them, you will go out for walks with him to show him that you care about his preferences. However, as a mature woman, know that you should not give up on your identity. Do not give up your own hobbies and interests only because your partner isn’t interested in them. I’m not saying to be rigid, I’m telling you to be open to different ideas but to also stay mindful of your own happiness.  

6.     Do not let your partner make all the decisions

In a mature relationship, both the partners listen to and respect each other’s choices and decisions. One person is not dominant on the other and both understand and value each other’s decision. The decision could be something major such as deciding on having children or something minor such as which restaurant to try next. The important point is to have a discussion and come up with a mutual decision. One shouldn’t give up on what they want but both parties should meet halfway.

7.     Do not share your relationship with the world too soon

When we were younger, we liked to flaunt our relationship to the world but as you grow older you should realize that revealing too much about your relationship especially when it is new, can be harmful. As a mature woman, give yourself the time to understand the person first. Make sure you tell the world about your relationship only when you are sure and see yourself with your partner in the long run.

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8.     Never tolerate any kind of abuse even if you are in love

Abuse is not only physical, but it can also be both emotional and mental. When you allow someone to mistreat you once, you give them the liberty to mistreat you in the future too. Do not blind yourself with the idea that everything is fair in love and war. If someone disrespects you or degrades you, learn to walk away. Your self-respect should always be your priority.

9.     Show appreciation to your partner

Women often forget that men need appreciation as well. If you want to be treated like a queen, learn to treat your man like a king too. Thank him for all his efforts and show him that he matters to you.

10. Make time for your partner

One of the most important things in a relationship is to learn to have a balance between your work life, social life and your love life. You should realize that time management is the key to a successful relationship. Even if you are busy with work commitments, learn how to make the best use of the little time you spend together with your partner. Your partner shouldn’t feel that he isn’t priority.

As a mature woman, you should know what you want in a man. Do not settle for anything less but do not expect things that are over the moon either. Learn to balance your work life and your love life while not forgetting to enjoy your own personal space. Do not chase love yet allow it to find you at the right time.

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