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Dealing With Jealousy In A Relationship

Dealing With Jealousy In A Relationship

Keep jealousy from backfiring in your relationship

Jealousy is one of the common human natures. It’s an inevitable feeling that pretty much every person in this fast-growing world has experienced. Both good and bad effects have happened in a relationship for jealousy. Sometimes jealousy isn’t taken as a killer, rather we take jealousy as a sign of attraction or affection towards our partner. When you know that your partner feels jealous, you may probably feel good knowing that he loves you so much that he’s afraid to share with anyone else. This sounds nice huh?

But the real conflict begins when your partner starts to act on his jealousy. The reaction of jealousy can reach any peak that can even break your love life. So it is important to deal with jealousy so that prevent your love relationship from crumbling into a pie. Here are some strategies for dealing with jealousy in a romantic relationship. By following these you can control your reactions when faced with jealousy, thus prevent and reduce any conflict with your partner. So let’s get into it.

You can deal with your jealousy in two ways. One is by taking care of your relationship, and another is by taking care of self.

1. Look into Your Relationship

In a romantic relationship, jealousy mainly derives from insecurity. When you’re in an insecure relationship, you may feel jealous very often. So first look into your relationship whether it is built on trust or just a fascination. No negativity like jealousy can cause any conflict if your relationship is built on trust, love, and respect. But if there’s little or no existence of these components, then you’re in deep danger, my friend.

You’ll definitely feel bad and jealous sometime while having such a relationship that lacks in trust. So my suggestion is to discharge yourself from this toxic relationship as soon as possible. But if you still want to stay, then know that there’s little you can do for yourself.

2. Look at yourself

Now you know what needs to be done while having an insecure relationship. But what if you’re in a solid and secure relationship, and still you practice jealousy? How to deal with your own self?

a. Admit it

When you name the problem, the problem itself loses its power. Acknowledging own faults let us take care of the consequences. Thus, we can prepare ourselves from further mistakes. Likewise, when you recognize your jealousy and take responsibility for the consequences, then you can really start working on it. So, when the problem lies on you, then only you can fix it by admitting it and take responsibilities.

b. Trust on Trusts

When you grow a relationship with some trusts, then you need to believe in what you trust. If you just say that you trust, but don’t know you’re applying it or not, then you need to work on it. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. It is easy to say that you have trust in your partner, but it is way too hard to persevere your trust for the long run. So try to establish a solid foundation of trust in your relationship, half of your work will then be done while dealing with jealousy!

c. Don’t be a Victim of a Victim’s Story

There are so many negative online sob stories around and most of the time we can’t resist ourselves from acquiring such negativity in our thoughts. As a result, we start doubting our partners and the jealousy will grow. So stop listening to others and never let their words influence your thoughts.

d. Stop Acting on Jealousy

Feeling something and acting on something are two different things. It’s ok to feel jealous until you start acting in a malicious way on your jealousy. If your jealousy outburst with constant accusations, reassurance-seeking and doubting then you need to control them all together. When you act out your jealousy in such a way then it may deeply damage your partner’s heart. Who knows, eventually your false doubts will become true one day!

So, my advice is to sit a while and say to yourself, “I’m feeling jealous about something, but it’s not logical. So I’m not going to act on it.”

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e. Speak Out

If you’re in a solid and healthy relationship with a trustworthy partner and still feeling jealous, then you should talk with your partner. If your partner is a well-understanding person, you’ll get some privileges. Discuss the points you feel jealous about and try to figure out how to sort out this feeling together. This will even increase bonding between you and your partner when you discuss such things in a positive manner.

f. Grow Your Self-Esteem

Always try to hold high regards for yourself. One of the main causes of jealousy is low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem often think themselves not enough for their partners and get scared that their partner may leave them for someone else. That cultivates jealousy and those negative feelings. So try to boost your self-esteem. You can meet the therapists and try meditation. Don’t just forget that you have something special in you that made your partner fall for you instead of someone else.

g. Heal Your Wounds

Sometimes, we can’t forget our past and allow the influence of our past into the present. You might have been in a bad relationship before, or that someone might have cheated on you or did bad things to you. It’s natural to get attached to the past and start feeling overwhelming on the present relationship. But you need to understand that you’re no longer dating your ex. Try to find out the reasons for your jealousy and remove all toxic thoughts that established based on your previous experience. Never let your past affect your present and future.

h. Trust Yourself

Above everything, try to trust yourself. Trust the fact that you can love and respect deeply without any regrets. Trust that your love is pure and it can save your relationship from floating away. It may sound filmy and cheesy. But if you can grow that trust in you, then eventually you’ll trust your entire relationship. This will increase your confidence and make you more capable of dealing whatever that comes.

Jealousy can help you understand the strong attraction towards your partner. But unhealthy jealousy is definitely a killer. It can be destructive and act as a toxin in romantic relationships. So, you need to identify the red flags and act according to it. Start working on these tips and make your love life a wonderful one!