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Curb Your Travel Bug Without Burning Your Pockets

Curb Your Travel Bug Without Burning Your Pockets

Learn how to save while you travel the world

Traveling is probably one of the best experience a person can have because it allows you not just to explore different places but at the same time, you get to learn about yourself too. But traveling can be rather costly, especially if you want to travel overseas frequently, #yolo #wanderlust.

So how do you find a balance between your desire to explore and see new places but yet, making it friendly on your pockets? Is there really a way to experience the fun of traveling without spending thousands of dollars?

Whether it’s the city next door or country next door, it’s always safer and better to be better prepared and plan out how you want your trip to go. We’ve curated a few tips that we think can help you enjoy traveling, no matter where to, without spending too much money.

1.  Travel someplace nearby

Check local tour guides for old monuments or parks that you might not have visited or heard of. The adventure could be right in your backyard! And if you can’t find a place within your city and town, look for somewhere in a city nearest to you, someplace that isn’t a night stay away. For these excursions, try to take day trips and be back by night, or if you want, at night be back by day; try not to stay a night someplace for a one-day excursion. That’ll save you plenty of money that you’d otherwise spend on food and accommodation.

2.   Take a longer route

Instead of taking a taxi straight to your room you could hop onto a bus and explore the different stations that come before the one closest to your room. Instead of taking a cab straight to the place you’re headed to, take a bus or subway and stop at the stations.

Get off the bus and explore what’s around you, while keeping track of where you are at the same time (you don’t want to get lost do you?).

The aim is to try to take more turns and find a longer way back so that you can find new things along the way.

3.   Make pit stops

Another great way of exploring and traveling is to never go to your destination straight. If you’re going on a road trip to Detroit, take a few more stops in Michigan before heading there.

Take advantage of the fact that you’re traveling, and make as many stops as you can before reaching your destination. You don’t need to spend nights, just stopping an hour from exploring new places is fine too.

It’s just like having connecting flights, but you get to explore more than just airports. We knew that sometimes when you have a stopover, the flight tickets are less expensive too, even though it still depends on the dates you travel – which brings us to point 4.

4.  Timing matters, and so does the season

There are certain times during the year that are peak season for people to travel. Summer vacation and Christmas probably sound like the best time to travel because there isn’t any work or college, but that’s the same time when everyone else in the world is free too.

That means most people travel and because of that, flight tickets and hotel rates skyrocket. It becomes much more expensive to travel during busy seasons, so instead of going then, choose alternative dates.

5.   Do the research

Before visiting a place, it’s always best to know a little about it. Check out what places are recommended to visit, or dine at. Check for the best entertainment and recreational activities of that area, and plan your trip according to that.

If you travel without a plan, imagine how much money you’d waste on taking random taxis to random spots, only to feel disappointed or not fulfilled.

It saves you time, energy and money to know a little about the place you’re going to because by planning the places you want to visit, you can control the money you spend.

Also, there are plenty of apps or package deals that you can utilize when you travel. Some countries offer a promo rate for WIFI service during your stay in that particular country. Even Airbnb has ‘experiences’ where you can engage for ie., a photographer for a 2-hour photoshoot or a half day tour at a super affordable price.

6.   Travel with friends

It’s always more fun to travel interstate with a group of friends. Whether you’re going on a road trip on your own car or on a train or bus, travelling with friends makes the experience much more memorable.

Divide the duties amongst one another so that everyone can enjoy their time as well. Costs also drop drastically if you split bills and expenses. Group buys are always cheaper than single.

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7.   Keep track of your expenses

During your trip, keep a small notebook with yourself or use your phone to keep track of the amount of money you spend and what you spend it on. By doing that, you’ll know how much you’re spending, and if you’re spending more than you should have, you’ll know where to cut back.

So if you’ve spent a lot on shopping for clothes, spend less on random gifts to compensate. Keeping track also helps you control the amount of money you use, so you won’t come back having tons of credit card debts to fulfill.

8.  Don’t spend too much money on accommodation

If you spend too much money trying to get the best room in a seven-star hotel, it could go to waste because chances are, you won’t spend most of your day in the hotel.

We aren’t saying you should camp under a bridge but get something affordable and comfortable, but not too luxurious or grand. All you need is space to sleep. Try hostels, it’s 2019! There have been a lot of new hostels that look like boutique hotels and you won’t believe the price you are paying for amenities and sleep.

9.   Carry snacks with you

Always keep energy bars or good snacks with you in your bag while traveling, even if you’re going on a quick trip. If you feel puckish, instead of spending a lot of money on food, you can simply pull out a snack to munch on. It’s always better to keep your own bottle of water too, which you can keep refilling at water fountains instead of buying another bottle. Just take note of TSA regulations on F&B on board flights and you’ll be good to go!

10. Avoid gift shops

Even if you really want to get something like a memory or keepsake, get something small like a fridge magnet or a postcard. But do not spend too much money at gift shops because they’re overpriced and designed to exploit tourists so don’t fall for that trap. Remember, your best memory is all captured in your head, or at least on your phone/ cameras isn’t it?

11. Camp on booking sites

You don’t always have to book flight tickets directly on the brand’s website, sometimes they cost more than consolidated flight + hotels booking sites that do up package deals for you. Try,,, to name a few. But note that these booking sites are fairly competitive so keep your eyes peeled for promo deals! Remember, your travel dates play an important determining factor on the price, so always plan ahead. Last minute travel plans only means an ‘inflation’ in price across hotels and flight tickets – you wouldn’t want that.

Traveling can only be a fully enjoyable and productive experience if you don’t waste your time doing other things. Plan out your trip, budget and keep a rough map of what you want to do in your head. Take the longer route and go exploring. Make sure you take in a lot from this experience because traveling is a special and rare adventure, and each is different so make them all count!