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Bring Sparkles Back To The Bedroom After Baby

Bring Sparkles Back To The Bedroom After Baby

Having a baby really changes the relationship between the two partners. On one hand, it really strengthens the bond because there’s so much love between the two that they make the decision to raise another person together, adding a new member to the family.

But on the other, it can also take away the sexiness and physical intimacy you have with your partner. The body changes, and after having kids, new responsibilities arise. It becomes harder to find time to get intimate, let alone have sex because having kids around is a huge responsibility.

However, our team has made a list of the top five ways in which you can reignite the flame and bring back the physical aspect of your relationship with your partner. Check it out below.

1. You Don’t Need To Engage In Too Much Foreplay

While the idea of foreplay really gets us going, it’s not always the way you can create intimacy and build up. In fact, you don’t need to go all out and have a steamy makeout session; even a few kisses might be enough to turn both of you on. And once that’s accomplished, you shouldn’t waste more time should you?

If you worry too much about how sexy you are before the sex, you might never get to the sex because then it could just result in an awkward mess. Keep the foreplay short, use lube and you’re set.

2. If The Baby Naps, That’s Your Cue

Having sex is even harder when you have infants because every now and then they’ll cry to be fed or just cry generally because that’s just how babies work. It can be really exhausting to take care of your baby all day long so if the baby finally takes a nap, that time is precious.

It’s the only break you’re going to get, and by night you might be too tired to do anything yourself so once the baby is asleep, you and your partner should get busy in your bed. Remember, you can do all your other chores throughout the day, but you can’t have sex throughout the day, can you?

3. The Magic Doesn’t Need To Happen On The Bed

You don’t need to have sex on your bed. Even though we know it’s much more comfortable and there are all sorts of room and space to do anything on the bed, it shouldn’t be the only place reserved for the two of you to make love. Because if you limit it to just the bedroom, that means you get to have sex less and less. But if you’re open to any room, any place and any area, you could have sex anywhere at any time (or whenever you can).

So don’t be afraid of doing it on the couch or even on the table, just as long as you make sure you clean those areas up real nice. 

4. Stick to quickies for awhile

Just to make sure you don’t feel like your partner’s roommate after having a baby, engage in some activities that won’t take too much time. You can have short moments of intimacy, which might eventually help build up the sexual tension between you two, which you can then, in turn, let loose in the sheets.

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It’s important to have these quickies because it ensures some form of intimacy and that’s much better than an inactive sex life isn’t it? Sure you aren’t having sex the same way like you used to, but that doesn’t matter because things do change after having kids and you just need to work around it. Make this a new routine and work around it.

5. Communicate And Talk About Your Dirty Desires

It can be a bit awkward to dirty talk after having a baby, and that’s not even what we’re suggesting you do. What we’re saying is that you should channel the playful thoughts that you have in your head and let your partner be aware of them; there’s every chance they might be feeling the same way about things.

Just talking about wanting to have sex can really help establish that ground and with both of you addressing the elephant in the room, a lot of magic can happen.

We can guarantee that honesty goes a long way so don’t feel embarrassed or nervous to say something to your partner. After all, you made a baby with them so there’s nothing you should be afraid of.

Life really does change after having a baby, especially your sex life. But it doesn’t have to stay inactive, and honestly, sex after having kids has some fun perks of its own. What are they? Well, there’s only one way to find out.