All The Hype About Kylie Skin By Kylie Jenner

You probably know Kylie Jenner as the amazingly lucky teenager who became the world’s youngest billionaire thanks to her family’s fame but that isn’t entirely true. Kylie Jenner has made quite a name for herself in the beauty and skincare world by launching a brand of her own, that is primarily how she has earned both money and a reputation. Recently, Kylie Jenner announced the debut of her new line; Kylie Skin. And since then, all beauty influencers have been discussing it. Here’s a broad overview of All the Hype about Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner.

The full range of products

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Kylie unveiled the skincare products by recently uploading teasers on her own Instagram and YouTube accounts. The new brand named Kylie Skin entails the skincare line of Kylie Jenner after the success of her own makeup brand. Kylie is shown pampering and exfoliating her face with some products and showing off her perfect baby skin in all its dewy glory. Let’s take a look at the products in the original launch that hit the stores on May 22nd.

1.    Foaming Face Wash ($24)

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After careful stalking of Kylie’s Instagram stories; we can confirm that the skincare line’s first launch will entail a foaming face wash that retails for $24. This is the very first product that Kylie worked on and shows off in her trailer of Kylie Skin while looking smoother than a baby! She claims to have known exactly what she wanted from day 1 for this product. The product is termed to be super luxurious according to Kylie, herself. She has also added that it is one of the only two products from the first launch to have a light added scent to them; the second being the toner that Mama Jenner has claimed to absolutely love!

2.    Vanilla Milk Toner ($22)

The make-up Mogul claims that this toner is alcohol-free, and she recommends her customers to apply it right after rinsing the face with the face wash. The toner is Kris Jenner’s favorite product from the entire skincare line and she pointed that out in a YouTube video uploaded on Kylie’s official channel. The toner is great for removing any excess makeup left off. This helps in achieving a beautiful and even skin while making sure you never have to worry about having patchy or crusty old makeup left on your face.  This one has a light scent added to it too.

3.    Walnut Face Scrub ($22)

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The face scrub has undoubtedly been the one to face the most backlash from viewers after the original unveiling. People are not really buying the “It’s very gentle yet very effective” narrative she presented in her Instagram story. Kylie claimed that the scrub smells of fresh walnuts while there are no added fragrances in the product. The product is bound to make your face feel super-radiant after using as the mixture of anti-inflammatory ingredients work to give you flawless skin. Most beauty influencers have criticized the choice of scrub by adding that it appears to be too harsh for the facial skin. People are afraid of abrasive effect on their faces and aren’t particularly excited about this one. 

4.    Vitamin C Serum ($28)

Some may term a serum as an excess “luxury” in skincare but the $360 brush-sets producer definitely doesn’t agree. She deems it extremely important for having healthy looking skin. The serum retails for $28 and as per claims is the first of many future endeavors. The product is manufactured to stimulate collagen production because of the Vitamin C infusion, reduce any redness and give you a glowing look!

5.    Eye Cream ($20)

The Eye Cream in the skincare line’s first launch might appear a bit unneeded or even “extra” to many. But then again, isn’t Kylie already the queen of extra? Kylie Jenner demonstrated on her Instagram story how the eye cream comes with a self-applicator. This makes it easier to apply and distribute evenly. Kylie has termed it the ultimate recipe for your eyes… The ingredients include green-tea along with pomegranate extract, caffeine, and vitamin E.

6.    Face Moisturizer ($24)

This is the sixth and last of the initial products being launched by Kylie Skin. She terms it as her personal favorite. Kylie reflects back on the struggle of getting this one perfect and how it was a long drawn out and tiring task. She has come up with a rich consistency that gives your face a good coverage of the moisturizer and you don’t feel like you haven’t applied anything after a first dab. The moisturizer is also claimed to be a blue light protectant. The moisturizer is also something that can be worn before applying makeup as a primer for a soft and dewy look.

Added apparels

So the next update about the skincare line’s products revealed a make-up bag that seemed a bit too pricey for most people’s liking. But then again, don’t you need a matching baby pink make-up bag for your new Kylie skin products?

See Also

The pink packaging

The packaging of all the products and the overall tone of the company’s initial launch is pastel pink. Everything, from the box to the background of the YouTube videos; it’s all a shade of light pink. This is soothing and gives major Barbie vibes. It’s not crazy like a Jeffree Star production, but then again, Kylie has always endorsed minimalistic packaging and rocked it!

Easy on the skin… and animals!

The products are all dubbed vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Also, there is a claim of no added paraben or sulfate in the products. The products are also claimed to be dermatologically tested and approved. Brownie points for not being a hazard to any life form! Good job, Kylie!

Launched… and gone!

The launch on May 22nd led to a crazy fan base and beauty fanatics just jumping on to place orders at The products have mostly been sold out and are no more in stock on the website. There will be a restock on 5 June for sets only and another on 10 June according to their latest update on IG.

Kylie’s gorgeous looks and perfect baby skin has always been an equally desirable #skingoals for people. So you might not be the biggest fan of her makeup line but her perfect glowing no-makeup look will definitely have you asking for the secret of it… but is Kylie’s skin really just the fruit of Kylie Skin? Gotta buy to find out… but you’ll have to wait for that.  

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