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8 Places On Where To Spray Your Perfume On

8 Places On Where To Spray Your Perfume On

How and Where to Apply Perfume to Make It Last Longer

Ever felt like you’ve applied your perfume but it doesn’t seem to last all day? Or that you’ve done so but it was so overpowering because you went crazy with the spray? Fret not, below are the various points of your body where you should apply your perfume to make the scent last longer.

1. Spray the perfume on your wrist

The first and most commonly known spot would be the wrist. The wrists, which serves as a pulse point and an area of enhanced heat will further intensify the scent.

How: Spray the perfume over your wrist (one side) and dab it over to the other. You may consider heightening the scent by dabbing on the backs of your hands.

2. Back of your ears

Behind the earlobes are also pulse points which are generally warmer. Like wrists, this part of the body will intensify the scent which will make the perfume last longer.

How: Spray it directly behind your earlobes or you can gently dab it on with the spray you’ve gotten on your wrist. We prefer the latter because a direct spray sounds like dripping paint. That said, we’d usually spray on one side of our wrist, dab it to the other and continue to dab it behind the ears. Dab, not rub.

3. Spray it over your hair

How many of you are guilty of this one? We’ve often spray perfume over our hair because it was late last night and we’ve put off washing the hair to the next morning only to wake up late for work. Have you noticed how some clothing still has that lingering scent of your last perfume spray after a few washes? That’s because clothing fibers trap fragrances and holds it well. That’s the same for hair fibers. The fragrances will latch on to the hair strands and make the scent last.

How: Hold it at a distance and spray across the hair (for lazy do-ers) or simply spray it over a brush and brush through your hair. However, do note that as fragrances contain alcohol, frequent application on the hair will dry out your locks. Try going for scents made specifically for hair instead.

4. Spray the perfume behind your knees

That’s fairly new but did you know that the soft areas behind the knees are also warmer points of the body? This would be a fantastic spot to spray your perfume if you’re wearing anything above knee length as the scent will linger about as you cross and uncross your legs.

How: Spray directly onto the back of both knees.

5. Spray the perfume on your calves and ankles

This is another good spot to consider especially if point 4 is fully covered. Set in constant movement, the fragrance on your calves and ankles will project the scent as you stroll along, leaving a strong trail of your perfume.

How: Spray it directly on the inside of your calves and ankles.

6. Inside your elbows

The inside of your elbows are another pulse points not to be forgotten especially if you’re a frequent blood donator. By now you should have learned that fragrances last longer when its on areas that emit heat.

How: Gently spray on both sides of elbows.

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7. Inside your belly button

What an odd idea that actually works! The belly button is another spot that is warmer to other parts of your body (Did you actually just tried to touch your navel?). Try putting on some fragrance on this spot if you’re donning crop tops or bikinis.

How: Spray on would be a bit too much for an area this small. Try putting a few drops of perfume on your finger and gently go around in your belly button.

8. Spray the perfume on your clothes

To round up the effects of a lasting perfume, don’t forget to spritz the fragrance on your clothing. Materials such as wool and cashmere clothes are made up of fibers that will lock in the scent particles well, giving you what you need – a scent that will last longer than expected.

How: Spray directly onto clothing or into the air and quickly walk into it like you’re some top supermodel.


Depending on how strong you want your perfume to be, you can choose different spots to spray your perfume for a lasting effect. If you will be constantly on the go, you could opt to spray on more places since the scent will be moving along with the air, however, if you’re heading to a closed area like a boardroom meeting, do take it down a notch so that the room would not be filled up like a perfume bottle literally.

One last good tip to make the perfume last longer would be to moisturize your skin. Dry skin makes the perfume fades faster so prep your skin by moisturizing it with a fragrance-free lotion and layer it up with a spritz of your perfume before the lotion settles. So there you go, load your perfume up before the day starts!

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