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8 Other Things To Do In Miami Than Beach-ing

8 Other Things To Do In Miami Than Beach-ing

Things you can do in Miami other than getting tanned!

Miami – sun and beaches, the perfect place to be in the heat of summer that’s about to come. Is that all Miami has to offer to the world? Not quite. You can do so much more than just beaching. Check out these 8 things to do in Miami and put them in your plans when you come visit!

1. The Bass

Source: the Bass

The Bass is one of the best museums in Miami, located right next to Miami Beach. This contemporary art museum has a lot to offer. Most of its exhibitions are of international contemporary art that incorporates disciplines of contemporary culture, such as design, fashion and architecture into their showcasing products.

After spending $12 million on the renovation, The Bass now has twice as much to offer. If you’re looking for a place to chill and enjoy some art after a bad sunburn, this museum is a must on your list! You can even go there after beaching, it’s literally right next to the beach!

2. Bayside Marketplace

Instagram @baysidemarketplace

Located in Downtown Miami, Bayside Marketplace is a two-story shopping area with tons of local gems waiting to be discovered! It’s open air and not a constrained shopping mall, allowing tourists to feel the summer heat and the Miami vibe as they walk. Don’t even worry about not being able to find what you’re looking for, worry about not being able to pick just one thing to buy because there are too many options!

Full of restaurants and local shops, Bayside Marketplace offers tourists a place to sit down and relax from the intense surfing, wake-boarding or just simply a break from the sun. You can get jewelry, snacks, clothes or watches, everything you’re looking for. Put Bayside Marketplace on your list if you’re unsure about where to do your souvenir shopping!

3. Jungle Island

Instagram @jungleisland

Formerly known as the Parrot Island, Jungle Island was destroyed during Hurricane Irma but it surely came back stronger after the renovation work. More than 1,000 types of parrots can be found at this eco-adventure zoo and many more other types of exotic and mysterious animals are chilling there. One of the reasons this zoo is well-loved is because of its eco-friendly work and how it always educates visitors to be friendly to nature and animals.

The perfect place for families with kids. Bring your kids there and explore all the 3,000 types of parrots in this world!

4. Venetian Pool

Source: City of Coral Gables

Why not just head to the beach directly, you ask? Surely it won’t be a question once you see this amazing pool inside the hotel. Palm trees and waterfalls, slides and many other water sports activities available, the Venetian Pool is the dream place to be, to chill and relax if beaching is too intense for you. All the facilities just make your time at the pool a lot funner!

Non-residents can enter at a cost of $15, definitely worth the money, considering all the different slides they have and all that. You can even just hide in the shades and enjoy a nice glass of cocktail when the sun gets too much.

5. Lincoln Road Mall

Instagram @lincolnroadmall

Grab your phones and get your Instagram ready, ladies! A walking street in the heart of Miami, Lincoln Road Mall provides many stunning photo-taking spots for all the Instagram lovers. Tropical palm trees along the road, many bars and restaurants at your disposal, and of course, blue skies all the way. How could this place not capture your heart already?

Walk along this street with your friends and sit down in a cafe and take some gorgeous pictures for Instagram already!

6. The Ancient Spanish Monastery

Source: The Ancient Spanish Monastery

Another hot pick for portraits on your Instagram! This medieval architecture just speaks class on its own. Its convenient location right next to the North Beach also made it one of tourists’ favorites. Wandering inside the monastery and let history flow onto you. Many photographers come here to take portraits. Grab your camera or your #instagramboyfriend and head there now, all the Instagram influencers!

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7. Stiltsville

Source: Stiltsville Trust Inc.

Located on the banks of the Safety Valve, right on the edge of Biscayne Bay in Miami-Dade County, Stiltsville will not disappoint. It may not be on your way to other sightseeing spots, but it’s surely worth the detour. Stiltsville is a historical landmark. A group of wood stilt houses will take you right to the Western definition of paradise.

After Hurricane Andrew, only seven of such stilts houses remained. No permits were ever granted for constructed thereafter. The owners of these properties were no longer allowed to add on to their houses, but they were able to fix and improve on its built. A visit to the Stiltvilles will require a hosted tour which is usually booked out. Try your luck with the local tour guides. The best part about visiting the historically-filled Stiltsville is that it’s not as crowded as all the lovely beaches in Miami so it’s the perfect getaway if you’re done with the crowd!

8. World Erotic Art Museum

Source: World Erotic Art Museum (Weam)

Yep, you read it right. Welcome to the World Erotic Art Museum! Located right in the heart of the Miami beach, the World Erotic Art Museum has everything you need to know, or want to know, about erotic art. In here you will find beds made in the shape of a penis, bathtubs in the shape of a uterus, anything you can imagine, you will find here. Miami is just funky like this, from sandy beaches to crazy penis decors, you will be amazed by how diverse this city is.

The museum is only suitable for audience above 18 (that should go without saying). So if you’re a couple looking for something fun and have a good laugh with, this is the place to go! Spend an afternoon here and maybe get inspired on how you could decorate your house!


Miami is so much more than just sandy beaches and burning sun. It’s a cultural hub where you can just wander around town to discover new or old things. From historical sites to the glamorous nightlife, Miami has something you’re searching for. Beaches are lovely, but you can’t just spend all day everyday at the beach in Miami, trust me, the sunburn will stop you from doing so after the first three days.

Check out these 8 other things to do in Miami and get ready to explore this magical place. You will fall in love with Miami and feel connected to this city a lot more if you would let it shine to you. Truly get to know this city better. Now you know where to start!

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