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7 Ways To Tell If You Are In A Toxic Relationship

7 Ways To Tell If You Are In A Toxic Relationship

When is it time to leave a toxic relationship for happiness

Settling in a healthy relationship is everyone’s dream. Nothing could be as great as a happy couple who love and adore their relationship more than anything. Such kind of relationships are blessings and everybody dreams of it. But as always, tails have existed too in relationships. When love starts to decrease and respect is getting unseen in a relationship, it becomes harder and harder to hold on.

We initiate such kind of relationship as a Toxic Relationship. And nothing could be more destructive than a toxic relationship. Your life will become full of disaster if you bound to such a painful commitment. You need to let go of such a situation but how would you recognize whether you’re stuck in a toxic relationship? Well, it’s harder to spot when we’re in one ourselves because we might have been so used to the abuse and yet, it can be difficult to digest advice coming from others.

It is important to spot out and take action when you are in such relationships. Here, I’m gonna share you 6 ways by which you can identify if you’re in a toxic relationship. Let’s get into it:

1. Escape from Responsibilities

Taking responsibility is one of the positive signs in any healthy relationship. If you love someone and you’re 100% honest then you’ll always take responsibility. It is just common human nature. But the problem grows when your partner never wants to take responsibilities for any of their own actions. If you start noticing such behavior, then you’re on the roll, my friend. This is the strong consequence of a toxic attitude towards you.

Generally, people start ignoring when they’ve lost interest. Likewise, when your partner starts refusing to take responsibilities, it means that they no longer have any affection towards you. And if someone lost affection suddenly, who knows they’ve had any affection at all!

2. It is All On You

No matter what you’ve done right (or wrong), you’re always wrong – according to your partner. It could be him missing his alarm clock and getting late for work but you’re getting the end of it by not waking him up. A toxic partner always points their finger to others for any type of problems that happens, problems which are big or so minute it doesn’t makes sense. So, if you notice such recurring behaviours in your partner, then start preparing yourself to be strong. Such a person doesn’t deserve what you’re offering.

3. Absence of Trust

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Without trust, you can’t build a healthy bonding and the foundation to the relationships just weak and full of suspicions. If you can’t trust your partner, then the problem will occur on a continual basis between you and him. You may start blaming him regularly and start fighting more often than usual. Constant accusations, doubts, reassurance-seeking, misunderstanding each other are some consequences of trustless behavior. These can surely achieve nothing but destroy your relationship, thus your life.

But it is also true that some scenarios aren’t that destructive. Sometimes we may feel the similarities, but the consequences could be different. So, my suggestion in such a situation is whenever you notice that you can’t trust your partner anymore, then try to understand the situation first. Don’t take any immediate decision. It could be an impact of any incident or mental stress that’s bothering you. Trustless behavior could take place in such a mental condition. You may heal and gain back the trust issue.

Other times, it just happens that you’ve caught your partner in a bucket full of lies and you can no longer afford to place any trust in him, then it’s time to leave. Because if your partner loves you enough, he would do everything he is able to, to make you gain trust in him and the relationship.

4. Obsessive Controlling Mentality

It’s really bad if your partner always wants to get actively involved with each and every sight of your life. It’s incredibly painful when they start controlling you all over. Everyone must have their own perspectives and we are entitled to our own opinion and our ability to make decisions/ choices on our own. If someone always pushes you to abide by their directions, then it becomes tormenting and it can become unbearable in the long run. Sometimes we may have our own thoughts and opinion that is not similar to our dating partner and it is their duty to respect and appreciate them since no two people are the same and we are no longer living in the 17th century. Ideal partners don’t practice such attitudes. So if you start noticing that your partner is way too persuasive and is always trying to control you altogether, then mark this as a toxic behavior.

5. Your Partner is Super Competitive

In a relationship, a little competition isn’t that bad thing. It even adds an extra velocity towards success when you take the challenge together. At the time you challenged each other, you grow together, you bonded and you learn to appreciate each other for your strengths and weaknesses. In a healthy relationship, couple motivates each other and appreciate the determination. They always celebrate success, whether it comes from their own side or the other. But if that competitiveness goes beyond the moderate level, then major problems may arise in your life.

When your partner can’t be happy with your success and start trying to pull you down by continuing criticism, that’s the toxic situation. In such a situation, you’ll find that your partner is super competitive and gets jealous of your accomplishments. And you may start hiding your achievements or sacrificing your wins for them. That’s certainly a toxic environment in a relationship, and you should immediately get yourself out of it.

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6. Overwhelming Jealousy

Sometimes we get jealous and it is a commonly behaved human nature. But when you start acting on it and that jealousy becomes a daily habit, life can become painful for both of you. If one of you start behaving in such a destructive way, then you may start fighting, accusing and trying to tear down each other. As a result, you’ll experience a really bad consequence of such relationship. So mark this toxic state of behaving in a relationship and start working on it to resolve the issue.

7. Lack of Respect

Healthy relationship contains respect for each other. Without respect, you can’t stay happy and live a life with someone. In your relationship, when you find that your partner has little or no respect for you, then I must say it’s not a good sign. Having respect allows us to accept both flaws and values of our partner, helping us adjust well to each other and build a solid foundation that may last for a lifetime. When no respect is practiced in a relationship, you will feel under-appreciated most of the time and there will be little care and concern at the end of the day. So where respect goes, we’ll say it plays a big part.

Human beings are not made for living alone, they’ll crave for warmth and affection, conversations and someone to return home to at the end of the day. But not everyone gets to meet their ‘Mr. Right’ at the beginning of their relationship journey. Is there someone who will be perfect just for you? We’ll say so!

Building a relationship needs work from both parties and you can’t always be the giving party because the fire will fizzle out eventually. Picking the wrong partner and getting stuck in a toxic relationship is not healthy, and you may be oblivious to read the wrong signals as signs that he still loves you. Analyze the 7 signs above and evaluate if you are in a similar situation. After that, you can make up your mind whether to keep or it is time to move on.

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