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7 Signs Of A Cheating Man Revealed

7 Signs Of A Cheating Man Revealed

Look out for these signs of a cheating man and steer clear

You probably sense that something is off about your boyfriend or husband and you want to find out if your suspicions are right. Maybe he has started to behave differently and doesn’t tell you where he goes off to randomly.

Whatever reason has caused you to feel a little suspicious, you have every right to know whether he’s loyal or not. It isn’t super easy to tell if a man is having an affair, because of how much they try to hide it but there are certain features common in men who commit infidelity. Here are seven traits of a cheater to look out for:

1.  He won’t let you check his phone

Now we aren’t saying you should snoop through his stuff ladies, that is an invasion of privacy. You wouldn’t want him to do the same to you, would you? However, if he usually doesn’t mind you looking at his screen while he sends someone a message, that means he trusts you. So if he suddenly changes his phone password out of the blue, that’s a red flag. If he changes the screen while he’s sending a text to while you’re watching, something might be up.

Try asking him if you can use his phone to make a call and see if he hands it over to you casually, or asks you to tell you the number so he can dial it himself. If he lingers around you and waits till you cut the call to take his phone back, something isn’t right.

2.  He starts spending nights out with “friends”

He tells you he’s going out with his friends but it starts getting so regular he doesn’t spend time with you anymore. He might say that he needs to stay back at work longer, but something tells you this isn’t right. If he lives with you and he doesn’t come home until very late or starts staying out, or even starts going on regular “business trips”, you might be picking up some signs here. There’s every chance he has to stay back at work or has a business trip, but if it seems too random, sudden and excessive, you should make sure he’s telling you the truth.

3. He doesn’t spend as much time with you like he used to

There’s a difference between him not having time and him not making time to meet you. We’re all busy; we all have our own busy lives. But we make time for people who matters. If he stops meeting you on days that you usually go out for coffee, or if he cancels plans very frequently for no reason, something is fishy.

It’s unfair if he doesn’t give you enough time when he has the time. Make sure he has a valid reason for cancelling all those dates because if it isn’t then something is wrong. If all of a sudden he wants more “me time” and not “we time,” this could be an issue.

4.  He gets super defensive, even over little things

If he lashes out at you and becomes extremely defensive about things even though it’s about something really small, something’s up. When people get defensive, it means they’re trying to be on high alert about something. And that means they’re potentially hiding something. You’ll casually ask him where he went after he comes home and he’ll probably say something like, “What do you mean, why are you asking me? Don’t you trust me” or “I can go wherever I want to go; what’s into you?” So if you ask him if he’s seen the car keys and he overreacts about it, he’s trying to hide something.

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5.  His temper has also gotten worse

The smallest things set him off. It’s like he’s a ticking bomb that’ll suddenly burst at any second. And he’ll grow mad over the smallest things. If you change the TV channel or leave a door opened, or any other small little thing, he’ll scream at you or react in a completely weird way.  He might even pick more fights with you and then burst out of the house after those angry outbursts, saying he needs space to cool off, but really, he might be going to someone else’s house to do that.

6.  He smells a little different

This one is always the biggest giveaway. No, he didn’t buy a new cologne. If you smell a different scent on him and you know it’s not any of your perfumes, nor is it a male perfume, then he’s not loyal. Different scents don’t just land on people; they’re exchanged after some physical contact. Check his clothes for someone else’s hair, or even a lippie stain (cliche but valid) too.

7. He dresses differently

He doesn’t even look the same anymore. It’s one thing to change your style and explore different kinds of clothes, we all do that. But that seems more experimental doesn’t it? This case, it seems like he is like getting an entirely new wardrobe within a day and acting like he always wore the same clothes. He’ll generally be more concerned about how he looks, and he’ll be conscious of his appearance. It doesn’t sound like a phase; it sounds like a new person altogether. He is dolling up for someone else altogether.

It sucks being cheated on and no one deserves it. But make sure you get your facts right before you confront him about it. Tell him you’ve noticed huge differences and hold him accountable for not being fair to you. It’s always better to mete things out like mature adults than fight over a love that’s lost, childishly.

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