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6 Signs That Social Media Is Taking Over Your Life

6 Signs That Social Media Is Taking Over Your Life

Let’s admit it- social media is wonderful! With the rapid advancements in technology in the past decade or so, sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become an essential part of the “modern” individual’s life- and for good reason. With a single click, we now have the power to communicate with relatives thousands of miles away from us. Moreover, we have the luxury of living a digitized, and by extension, a highly connected life.

Let’s imagine a person named Joe.  As Joe sits on their couch and scrolls through Instagram, they can keep up with trends and news from all over the world. This example just goes on to show that through the power of social media, the entire world becomes interconnected, and one.  

With that being said, however, as any avid social media user would be able to tell you, the reality of the situation is far more complex than the notion of “being connected.” While it is beautiful to think of social media platforms as a vehicle to bridge the gaps between people and bring them together, there are times when these websites and applications can get just a tad bit overwhelming. Typically, in such instances, you might find yourself using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter a lot more than usual. If this pattern keeps on continuing, it is highly likely that social media just take over your entire life. To prevent that from happening, however, we’ve come up with several key signs of social media controlling your real life. To regain control, and free yourself from the harness of the social media platforms, you should watch out for the signs mentioned below!

#1- You talk a lot on social media, but your real-life presence is reserved and quiet

If you ever find yourself chatting away on private or public forums, more than you do in real life, you might want to consider stepping away from your social media accounts for a while. The reason behind this is pretty simple. When it comes to social media, especially platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, there’s often this pressure to be someone that you’re not. Unfortunately, many individuals give in to this pressure and adopt a persona that isn’t genuine at all. When enough time passes, that fake online persona is all that you have left, as a result of which you find yourself unable to communicate in the real world. If this is something that you can relate to, we’d suggest that you take some time off the internet, and try to find your authentic self again!

#2- Instagram, or it didn’t happen!

The second sign that we’ve included on our list is one that almost everyone can relate to. We all have that one annoying friend who has a habit of taking pictures of literally EVERYTHING that you do together. Whether it’s something new that you eat or a fancy place that you’ve visited together- they have this strong, overwhelming compulsion to post it online. If you know such an annoying friend or have a habit of ‘Instagramming’ everything, we’d suggest that you try to put your phone down for a bit. Instead of living life through the 4 × 4 boxes of the Instagram camera, try to experience things as they truly are. Sooner, rather than later, you’ll come to realize how beautiful the world around us is- even without any filters on it.

#3- When you wake up, the first thing you do is check your social media

If you need a dead give-away sign that your social media accounts are on the brink of taking over your life- it’s probably in the fact that you check your Facebook and Instagram feed the first thing in the morning. If you are spending your mornings aimlessly scrolling, instead of doing anything productive that brings you joy, you might just want to consider spending all that valuable time someplace else. 

#4- Numbers are EVERYTHING!

To stay on top of social media- you need to succumb to numbers. While this may sound exaggerated, the reality of the social media game is that the higher number of likes or follows that you get, the more “famous,” or “successful” you are. While there’s nothing wrong with posting a nice picture of yourself on your Instagram account, obsessing over the number of likes and comments is an extremely toxic pattern that you need to break out of.

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#5- You keep a rigorous check on the content that you post

On Instagram, posting content that helps you maintain a certain aesthetic on your feed is one of the biggest tricks to gain followers quickly. Naturally, keeping such a rigorous check on the content that you post can turn quite toxic for your mental wellbeing. If you ever find yourself stressing too much about the type of content that you post, try taking a break from social media for a while.

#6- You feel as though social media is the only place where you can be your “real” self

Social media, despite all of its flaws, has a way of making individuals feel a sense of community. While this sense of community is usually artificial, it is important to maintain the difference between your digital and real life. If you find that social media is the only place where you can be your true, authentic self, our suggestion to you would be to take a couple of days off from Instagram and Facebook, and reassess where your priorities in life lie.

While it is true that social media platforms have the power to captivate, and entice us; there are still several people out there who have managed to master the art of using social media platforms healthily. If you ever feel like social media might just take over your life, give yourself a time-out from the digital space, and reconnect yourself with the real world. Who knows? You might like it even more than the glamorous aesthetic of your favorite celebrity’s Instagram feed.

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