6 Obvious Body Language Signs To Tell If He Likes You

1. He’s more touchy than ever

He will find ways to touch you but not in the creepy sense. Guys who likes you find opportunities to always be in casual touch with you, be it removing a strand of hair away from your face, or trying to clean some dirt on your face, a leaf that got caught up in your hair, or tucks your hair behind your ears…you get the drift.

2. Those expanded pupils

Science has this covered that if a human being sees something he fancies, the pupils in the eyes dilate. You’ll be sure to see this as he gazes upon you and lock his eyes only on you.

3. He shows you plenty of teeth (in a good way)

When a guy likes you, he listens to your conversations and gives you the front teeth when he smiles. That said, look for overall facial reaction because the general lifted expression he gives you, where the smile takes over the entire face, is a sure sign he’s so into you.

4. He leans towards you when you talk

That is when you’re speaking clear enough and yet he is inching and leaning in towards you as you talk. This shows that he is interested in what you are talking about and at the same time, would like to be closer to you.

5. He’ll sit with his legs spread

This could be how guys are seated normally. Yes. But if he keeps his legs closed for the entire session you guys are chatting obviously, didn’t make this better. Keeping his legs closed means that he is enclosed and not willing to share much. However, look at it this way, sitting with his legs open exposes his vulnerability and it could mean that he is willing to explore knowing you.

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6. He’s not just touchy with you

He’s also touchy about himself. You’ll see him fidgeting with his clothes, adjusting his collar, fiddling with the buttons on his jacket because you make him nervous. He could also be fantasizing about taking it off and waiting for you to lead or that he simply wants to look his best around you.

If you do see these signs, it’s time to take some action if you’re feeling the same about him!