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5 Starry Night Travel Destinations within the US

5 Starry Night Travel Destinations within the US

Join us for a star-filled night at these romantic travel vacations

One gaze at these phenomenal views and you’d wish it lasts forever. Areas appropriate for stargazing are ones that feature clear skies. Clear skies happen due to the divergence of air at the surface of places that have a high-pressure level. This induces the sinking of the air above, thus causing clear skies and dry conditions up top. Areas of low pressure allow air to condense and aid the formation of clouds. The aspects that decide clear skies are cloud coverage, transparency, seeing, darkness, wind, humidity and temperature.

Sometimes it takes a while for your eyes to adapt to the darkness; however, it doesn’t take long. When all these aspects are favorable, the perfect night sky is achieved. Having said all this, here are 5 starry night destinations located in the United States of America.

1. Utah, Canyonlands National Park

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Upon sunset, the Canyonlands National Park in Utah is a prime location for stargazing or viewing comets or meteors. The place is also very well known for the presence of plateaus and additional stunning landscapes. In the city, the sky is clouded, and the stars cannot be properly seen; however, the view is stunning in this particular region. An estimated 2500 stars may be seen at regular conditions.

There is no requirement of binoculars or a telescope; the naked eye can view the sky perfectly as the sky is completely void of obstructions that would be present in an urban settlement. During the spring and fall seasons, there are proper ranger-led stargazing programs. These are proper expeditions led by experienced rangers that vary between three park locations. The timing varies with the time of sunset. It does get chilly at times, so it is recommended for travelers to bring warm clothes and blankets of their own to make sure that isn’t a problem for them.

2. Death Valley National Park, California

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The next place is situated in southern California, in Death Valley’s national park.  The region naturally kills all artificial sources of light, thus being one of the darkest places on the planet. Viewers can effectively see meteors and observe the Milky Way with the naked eye as they have never seen before. After sunset, it is recommended to stay away from human sources of light to have a proper view of the night sky. There is a populous of coyotes in the area which may or may not prove to be a problem. While having a low population of people means the sky is already quite clear, the view can be made better by making for regions with higher elevation.

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Some well-known places are furnace creek, which is 190 feet above sea level or Zabriskie point, which is 700 feet above sea level. Dante’s view is probably the highest point, which is 5475 feet above sea level and provides a 360-degree view of the night sky. In the winders, rangers and astronomy enthusiasts go for star parties or astronomy programs often with telescopes provided.

3. Brockway Mountain, Michigan

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The next place is located further north and is well known for both deer and amazing views of the night sky. The place is not only visited for sunsets or starry skies but for the auroras that can be observed that leave viewers stunned. With hundreds of good reviews on TripAdvisor, Brockway Mountain is a prime location for starry nights and sightseeing in general. Brockway Mountain is a volcanic landform that has its top, 720 feet above the level of Lake Superior. Brockway Mountain has existed since back to 1933. Brockway Mountain makes for excellent stargazing opportunities with minimal artificial light being produced.

For floral enthusiasts, there are over 700 species of flowers which has its peak bloom in June. Some wildflowers can be observed that are found nowhere else in the region. Brockway Mountain has received many awards and recognition for being one of the best places for stargazing in the states.

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4. Denali National Park and preserve, Alaska

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The next place is located even further on to the north in snowy Alaska. You can visit the Denali National Park and upon sunset, gaze upon the heavens above in the form of both stars and auroras that can be vibrantly seen. The Denali National Park encompasses 6 million acres of Alaska’s wilderness at its center.

The highest point is 20,310 feet high, known as Mount McKinley, which is North America’s tallest known peak. The park is a habitat to grizzly bears, wolves, moose, caribou and Dall sheep. It is a prime location for hiking, mountaineering, biking and stargazing. The park is known to be as old as 1917. The stargazing opportunities in Denali National Park are plentiful, which is attributed to the lack of population, thus making for minimal human light sources.

5. The Cosmic Campground, New Mexico

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The last stargazing location is again, located down south, in beautiful New Mexico. New Mexico is the state where the popular TV series “Breaking Bad” was shot but this region is famous for more than just that, the Cosmic Campground in New Mexico is known to be the absolute darkest possible place in all of the United States of America. The nearest possible source of light is known to be 40 miles away from the cosmic campground. What this does essentially is that it makes this area one of the best possible places known to man for stargazing. 


The United States of America is well known for its good tourism aspects with a plethora of diverse areas of interest for people looking for any attraction. Being a very large country, it bears many places that are prime locations for stargazing or to appreciate the night sky in its full beauty. There’s something about the naked night sky that creates a rush of adrenaline in one’s body. It’s a unique type of euphoria that you cannot comprehend until you’ve seen it yourself.

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