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5 Fitness Routines To Tone Up Your Bust

5 Fitness Routines To Tone Up Your Bust

Gravity gives up on no one, your boobs included

It is with time, as you age that you realize that your breasts appear less perky and saggier. While we wish to turn back time, the fact is the skin around your breasts loses its elasticity and your breast tissues have given in to mother nature. It is a natural process and while some turn to surgical methods to keep them girls ‘up’, some do less invasive stuff such as exercising and keeping a clean diet.

Other factors that may potentially affect the perkiness of your breasts include pregnancy, changes in body weight and hormonal changes. “If only I could turn back time~”

The myth about boob lift exercises

Breasts lift exercises do not actually lift up the breasts. Contrary to what the words wanted you to believe, the actual way these exercises work is by toning up the pectoral muscles (the muscles beneath the breasts) by doing strengthening exercises that lets the breasts appear perkier and have that slightly lifted appearance.

Below are 5 routines/ workouts to train for perkier boobs and to prevent further drooping you’d wish you had started on them sooner.

1. 5 Minute Workout For Perkier Breasts with POPSUGAR Fitness

Who doesn’t have 5 minutes? Straight out from POPSUGAR Fitness with over 1 million viewers, we are in awe of how she can keep up with guiding us over the whole 5 minutes without a glimpse of breathlessness. We also like that the video is free of distractions with a clear background and that it has a top view of the routine at each set.

2. 10 Mins INTENSE Chest Workout with Chloe Ting

Australian Fitness Blogger Chloe Ting measures the progress of the workout with a percentage bar to tell you where you are at, as you move through the routine. We like how her edits give us a preview of what to expect after the current set.

3. 7 Simple Exercises for a Beautiful and Attractive Bust by Bright Side

If you’re one who likes pictorial and text version, this could be it for you. The video includes a timer but without a live person doing it ‘together’ with you, it might be less motivational for some of us. Regardless, the video was pretty informative.

4. How to Naturally Lift Your Bust by Sanne Vander

We can’t stop staring even though for the first good 2 minutes she had used up for introduction. Apparently, Sanne Vander was a late boomer in the puberty department. That said if the regime she’s introducing gives us whatever she has then I’ll be following her closely.

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5. Exercises For Perkier Boobs by Vicky Justiz

With over 1.2 million Youtube subscribers, Vicky Justiz is definitely one to look out for. The video is a little lengthy as she spent close to 3 minutes on the introduction and advertising (which we do not endorse), but we liked how she makes use of things we already have in our homes to do the workout.

If you’ve noticed, most of these workouts look similar as they are meant to target the training of the pectoral muscles which will give you that little va-va-vroom on the chest. Nothing that gives you A cup to C cup though, so girls, please manage your expectations. And remember, random putting on weight is not going to increase your breast size but more importantly, keep a healthy diet and stay hydrated!

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