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2019 Fave Lipstick Color Trends Of The Year

2019 Fave Lipstick Color Trends Of The Year

Seven lipstick trends to try in 2019

Lipstick is one of those things that can change the entire vibe of a makeup look, an outfit, or even your personality. The shade of lipstick you choose to wear can say a lot about who you are as well as showing a glimpse of your personal quirks. No matter how the trends change up in the makeup department, a girl (or guy) will always need a statement lip shade to rock.

Here are 10 lipstick shades we think will rock your world. Whether they are passing trends or timeless classics, we hope this article will introduce you to a few new styles to play around with.

1. Classic Red

Marilyn Monroe wore it. Coco Chanel wore it. Red carpets have seen it worn by countless celebs again and again, no matter how time passes.

It’s the classic bold, matte red lip. 

We’re not sure what it is about this color that’s so appealing. All we know is that it makes young women feel more mature, it makes older women feel young again, and whether it’s worn to work, date night, or on the silver screen, it has always been a symbol of female empowerment and sultry seduction.

You can wear a classic red lip with a bold smoky eye for an extra dark, glamorous and mysterious vibe. You can wear it with a cat-eye liner for a nod to the 50s. Or you can wear it on its own with nothing more than a swipe of mascara on your lashes. Either way, this shade will spruce up any look in moments.

For a perfect matte red bullet lipstick, try Ruby from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

2. ’90s Brown

Ah, the ‘90s. The era of grunge. Along with the popularity of Nirvana, flannel and combat boots, came the iconic ‘90s brown lip. Liquid lipstick wasn’t yet a thing back then, so the ‘90s brown lip look usually comprised of a darker brown lip liner paired with a lighter brown, creamy bullet lipstick. To give it that extra grungy feel, I’d go for cool-toned browns.

For a modern take on the ‘90s brown lip, try pairing together Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in shades Delicious and Baby Daddy. Use Delicious to line your lips, and Baby Daddy in the center of your lips. Create an even ombre by tapping them together with your fingers to blur the line between the two colors.

3. Berry Lip Stain

Not everyone wants to wear a thick, bold lipstick. Some makeup users prefer a youthful, clean makeup look. Enter lip stain. 

Lip stain allows you to add a kiss of color to your lips that will continue looking good even as it fades throughout the day. The soft, gentle flush of color makes for a “your lips but better” look that is youthful, fresh, and fun. 

For a delicious berry-toned lip stain, try Lime Crime Plushies in shade Blackberry

4. Glossy Black Lips

Photo by @dannywilliamsmua via Instagram

Black lipstick is no longer reserved only for goths. In fact, it’s been a popular look on Instagram for a few years now, with many makeup artists creating their takes on a bold black lip. In 2019, we predict that black lipstick will be soaring in popularity, with a glossy finish making for an epic avant-garde look. 

For this new trend, we recommend topping your favorite black liquid lipstick with Too Faced Melted Latex Lipgloss in the clear shade, Girl On Top.

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5. Neon Lipstick

A bold neon lip is a great way to make a statement. It’s great for parties, events and raves, but can also be worn in a professional setting to give you a funky and energetic vibe. Depending on your skin tone and personal style, there are many different neons to choose from. Our top three picks would be hot pink, a bright orange or coral, or a flashy electric purple.

ColourPop Cosmetics is a brand that has a lot of lipstick shade opinions, with high-quality formula at affordable prices. For this trend, try their bullet lipsticks in shades Sweetener, Maxed Out, and Around the World.

6. Glittery Lipgloss

Lipgloss has been a favorite through the decades. Though its color is normally more on the sheer side, its glossy and reflective texture leaves lips looking plump and moisturized. Currently, clear lipgloss with flecks of golden glitter seems to be a reigning favorite for a more subtle lip. You can pair this with a bold eye for a balanced look, or keep things simple all over. 

Dose of Colors has been the top pick for these kinds of glosses in recent years. Some of their most popular glosses have been released as part of limited edition collections, for example, Brillo from their collaboration with iluvsarahii, Over the Top from the Desi x Katy collection, or Muah! from their Mickey Mouse collection with Disney. If you’re looking for something from their permanent line, we recommend checking out Goalz.

7. Textured Lips

Photo by @vladamua via Instagram

While most of the lip trends we listed today can be worn in everyday life, this last one is more of an Instagram trend. We all know that adding texture to anything can add a lot of tactile or visual interest, whether it’s in food, fashion, or art. Recently, adding texture to lip art is a trend that has been surfacing online. Some artists even take it as far as to apply flower petals to their lips! But for a simpler approach to this trend, you can try powdery lips, or glitter lips. A few brands have come out with lip products that give the lips a powdery appearance.

As for glitter lips, many brands sell a huge range of beautiful cosmetic glitters in many different shades. As an example, you can try Lit Cosmetics glitter in shade Firecracker for a gorgeous, glittery red pout! Just apply the glitter base to your lips, then tap the glitter on with a brush or simply using your fingertips.

We hope you liked our recommendations for new trending lip looks to rock this year. Remember that lipstick is about empowerment, sensuality, and making a statement, no matter what your personality is like. 

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