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15 Pros and Cons Of Dating A Younger Man

15 Pros and Cons Of Dating A Younger Man

Love is amazing and unexpected. You often find it in places you didn’t even think were possible. Because being in love is such a roller coaster ride in itself; it doesn’t even matter if the person sitting next to you is not your age.

So you’ve met this amazing handsome looking guy who has a fun personality and some weird charm about him but he’s just finishing college while you’ve been working in the corporate world for well over 5 years now? You might be considering going the extra mile and bridging the age gap with this one. Because age, after all, is just a number, right? Well, here are 15 Pros and Cons for you to consider and evaluate before making the out of the ordinary decision of dating a younger man.

The Pros

Here’s a list of pros for you to decide in favor of dating a younger man. These can obviously vary from person to person but here are a few generalized benefits of being in a relationship with a man who is younger than you.

1. He’s fun to be around

Dating a younger man can actually rekindle that spark of fun and carefree enjoyment in you. Your new lover is probably fun to be around and has some random ideas that you might have not considered doing. You’re probably going to catch yourself smiling more often than before.

2. He’s willing to take risks

Exposing oneself to risks can help to discover amazing capacities. When your new boyfriend is willing to take risks; he’s willing to grow. You are certainly going to love this aspect of his personality where he won’t object to walking in the nude on the terrace. Crazy, right?

3. He doesn’t come with excessive emotional baggage

When you date someone young. It can be predicted that he carries little to no emotional baggage as compared to someone your age. You could be his first girlfriend even. This means no psychotic exes and no crazy revenge stories. You can be certain of the fact that you’re not his rebound!

4. He is likely to be adventurous

Young men are all up for the adventure. Always looking for that extra boost of adrenaline to make them feel amazing.

5. He is easily impressed by you

He’s definitely going to appreciate your presence and will mostly be easily impressed by you. You could do the bare minimum and he’ll just be taken away by everything that you are and everything that you do!

6. He gives you a crazy time in bed!

A young lover will always try harder and strive for your pleasure by doing his best. He might even suggest kinkier versions and/or roleplay to keep things interesting in bed. You can even share your deepest darkest fantasies in front of him and he might give them a shot. Who knows?

7. He gives you a new perspective

Life is interesting when seen with newer perspectives. Dating a younger man will allow you to observe and maybe even adopt a newer perspective of looking at things in life. His carefree fun loving attitude might just revolutionize your own thoughts about everything!

8. His health and fitness is better than men your age

A man younger than you will most likely be fitter than men of your age. This makes him instantly more charming. Knowing he can withstand most things men your age won’t even think about trying is a validation in itself.

The Cons

Well, nobody is perfect. Now that you’ve given a read to all the pros of dating a younger man. Here’s a list of why you should avoid it and stick to men more in your age group.

9. He’s not experienced

The biggest con involved in dating a younger man is his lack of experience in the real world. He can be all fun and games but life isn’t just some adventure. This can frustrate you at times because you might be way more practical than him and he just lacks the ability to understand the gravity of a situation.

10. He is probably not as financially stable as you are

If your lover is young and financially dependent on someone he is probably still figuring things out and is not financially strong to support himself let alone you which can be a major setback.

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11. You both might want different things

Having an age gap can harbor many difficult situations. The top one being, the difference in vision. He could be eyeing a mountaineering trip while you just want to start a family. Ah, tough luck!

12. He’s probably not going to be ready for commitment

Younger men are definitely not one to commit. If that isn’t what you want right now. This can be a massive hurdle in the relationship.

13. You might feel a lack of communication due to the age gap

There could be an inevitable feeling of being “away” and “lonely” when you are unable to truly communicate with your significant other. Unfortunately, there’s a higher chance of that happening when your partner is younger than you.

14. You’ll have to unknowingly mother him

He could be dependent on his mom and at some point… You just might feel like you’re more of a mother or comforter in his life than a lover. And this can be frustrating, to say the least.

15. He is less practical; more adventurous

The worst part of being with a younger partner is their lack of understanding of the gravity of a situation. He’ll probably not do his taxes and let them pile away while convincing you to go for a vacation!!

Love knows no bounds and it’s always okay to experiment in your love life and date men of all ages. He can be 15 years younger to you (not underage though) or even 15 years older to you. Each individual is unique and who knows you might find a long-term partner in one of these guys?

Before going with a final decision; weigh in these pros and cons and they might help you in actually reaching one. The important thing to remember, however, is that life goes on and nobody finds their perfect match in the first try. So keep looking till you feel like you’ve found your soulmate… and then what would it matter if he’s 10 years younger or 5?