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12 Fun DIY Activities For You And Him

12 Fun DIY Activities For You And Him

Bond over these interesting DIY couple activities

In today’s overwhelming technology and age, many people rather get back to the basics when it comes to spending their precious off days with their loved ones.

Instead of holing up watching Netflix and randomly stalking a stranger on Instagram, how about trying out these fun and interesting DIY projects with your other half? We assure you, there will be plenty of sparking conversations between the both of you, you might be reminded of how you’ve both fell in love in the first place:

1. Building a Terrarium together

Miniature gardening is fun and you don’t need a lot of skills to try to make your own. Make a terrarium that belongs to you and him. You get to pick your favorite greens and so does he. You can choose to make your own or together. Aside from being decorative, a plant at home also helps to reduce stress, improves productivity and air quality.

2. Pottery Classes

Now, this is really getting your hands dirty, literally! No one really cares if the end product comes out looking wonky as long as it’s perfect to the both of you. Plus, you get to keep what you made and it could be used as an ornament, a vase, a cup. The possibilities are endless!

3. A Leather Workshop

A wallet, a cardholder, a coin pouch, a belt, organizer cover – you name it. As long as it can be made of leather, you can decide what you want to make. Try making something for each other, that way, it is almost like a token of love that you can keep forever.

4. Glass-Blowing Art Workshop

When it comes to craft, this is definitely another level but that doesn’t mean there are no such classes where you’re at. Be amazed at how science could churn out wonderfully made glasses and bring home your end product.

5. DIY Soap Bar

You know what you are using on your skin directly when you make your own soap. You could also invite your other couple friends to go for this workshop together.

6. Earring Workshop

It doesn’t mean if you accompany your girlfriend or wife and learn how to make a pair of earrings shows how effeminate you are. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! A man who is not afraid to get in touch with his feminine side and spends time to do what his girlfriend likes. Real brownie points, boyfriend!

7. Watercolor Paint Class

If both of you enjoy drawing, this could be the class for you. Relaxing and therapeutic, this was one of the popular activity in 2019, together with modern calligraphy workshops. You could go for a few workshops and practice at home together.

8. Silkscreen Workshop

When you’re in love, it’s just the two of you against the world yes? Go for a silkscreen class and make your very own couple T-shirt to wear on special days!

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9. Coffee Workshop

Here’s one for the coffee lovers – learn to make latte art and understand the art of coffee together. The aroma of coffee that fills up the venue would be a scent to remember.

10. Paper Cutting Workshop

Also known as ‘testing his patience’ workshop (if you know what I mean). Papercutting requires a lot of concentration, patience and a steady hand. So if he ain’t gonna finish his piece, then maybe it is a reason to cut him out, pun intended.

11. Ring Workshop

You don’t need to be married to make rings together, a ring could be a decorative ornament too. Ever hear of a couple ring? Almost like wedding bands but not quite there yet. Take your relationship to the next level by making your very own rings. They will be truly unique and one of a kind, just like your love for each other.

12. DIY Scented Candle Workshop

Choose to make your own scented candle that is free of chemicals and synthetics. There are various types of scented candles workshop such as color layered, pressed flowers or even patterned candles such as rose! With therapeutic essential oil as its base, this DIY candle will definitely come in handy during sexy time!

With a digital lifestyle in this millennial time, it seems like our whole being is consumed by its convenience that we forgot how it’s actually like to spend time doing the things we love. So why not, pick up your device and google the best activity suitable for the both of you and start booking one, to begin with! You could even have one workshop every month since we’ve given you a list of 12 awesome activities!

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