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12 Double Date Ideas That Are Not Boring

12 Double Date Ideas That Are Not Boring

Awesome double date ideas that are fun

Going on a double date is more of a hassle than just going on a date with your man. You have to spend so much time thinking of a fun activity to impress them so they don’t think you’re boring. Honestly, it’s exhausting to come up with new ideas every time. Are you still stuck at just going out for dinner? Nothing more? Well, then you surely need all these fun and awesome double date ideas so you don’t drain your brain coming up with ideas before the date even starts!

1. Going to a concert/ festival

Why can’t couples go to a fun concert together? You’ve known everyone for a decent amount of time now. Sitting down staring at each other all night running out of topics to talk about is just awkward. Let’s just be the smart one here and do something that you don’t really have to talk a lot. Go to a fun concert and scream your ass off for a fun double date night!

2. Have a home cooking session

Instead of going out for a meal, why don’t all of you prepare a nice meal together? The host doesn’t have to be stressed over preparing a nice meal for the other couple as everyone is involved in the process. A great bonding moment over a new recipe!

3. Play Monopoly

This game could literally go all night. Get a glass of wine and sit on the floor for a calm (or exciting?) Monopoly night. You can gossip, make jokes and talk about your day and your weekend plan at home. Calm and relaxing. Sounds like a good Wednesday night plan.

4. Join a wine tasting event

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a good glass of wine? A wine tasting event is classy, winey and makes everyone happy. Sign up for a wine tasting event together and learn about all the different types of wine. We aren’t alcoholics, it’s just a wine tasing event (wink!).

5. Going on a picnic

Prepare some sandwiches and a bottle of wine (as usual) and pick a scenic picnic spot in town. Higher grounds that give you an overview of the whole town would be the best choice. Sitting on top on a hill, feeling that summer breeze on your face talking about how work is going sounds just like the double date you need to unwind a bit.

6. Sunbathing on a beach

Always a good time at the beach. Grab a towel and drive to the beach and sunbathe together. Feel the sun and the summer spirit! Doesn’t matter if you don’t live near Florida or California or any other coastal states. You can still find a lake or a river to rest next to and sunbathe. Don’t waste the sun! It’s not going to last forever, especially for folks up in Alaska. Better enjoy the long daylight before it’s gone again.

7. A road trip out of town

For one evening, drive out of town to try out a local bar next to the highway. Get some grills from a shop you didn’t even know existed. Make a mini road trip just outside of town to discover something you didn’t even know existed. Chill with some handcrafted beers and medium-rare steaks with the stars above. A lovely evening out of town.

8. Escape room game

Escape room games are so popular these days. Perfect for murder mystery fans. You will surely find an escape room place in town. From nuclear experiment to an alien invasion, escape rooms never disappoint. Pick a story and see how smart these four brains can be together. An exciting night filled with eery mystery can be a change for your double date Thursday.

9. Partying

Who says couples can’t party together? You will have even more fun partying with your other half and your friends. Go for a wild night, dance all night on the dance floor until you can’t feel your legs. Feel and beat in your heart and follow it! You’ve brought double date fun to the next level!

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10. Netflix

Seriously, who can say no to Netflix? Movie date at the comfort of your own home! So many Netflix originals are coming up this summer. I Am Mother…Murder Mystery etc are the hot picks these days. Whether you’re into thrillers or romcoms, Netflix has it all for you. Grab some popcorn and chill on the sofa for your next double date. Discussing movies plot has never been more fun with another couple.

11. Karaoke

Go for karaoke night! You can either get a karaoke set on eBay or Amazon to make your living room a concert hall or just go to a karaoke bar. Music bonds people together. We’ve all had our moments singing in the showers. Time to share that joy on your double date night! See if you’re more of a country girl or a crazy metalhead. Pick up any instruments at home to jam in as well.

12. Volunteering

Helping out to those in need is both meaningful and rewarding. Consider volunteering together on your next double date. Are you more concerned with sea pollutions or the refugee crisis? Or you want to help out at a wild animal sanctuary? There’re tons of volunteering opportunities across the country. Check with your local NGOs for volunteering programs. You will have fun and do something meaningful at the same. It’s important to spread happiness out there in the world. Knowing you’ve contributed to something great is a satisfying feeling to have at the end of your double date. Don’t think, just act!


You never thought those activities can be ideal for a double date, did you? Coming up with double date ideas don’t always have to be so stressful. So many people think that dates must involve dining together or grabbing a drink together. There can be so much more. Think about things you’d normally do or you want to try out and invite another couple to join in!

From a chill game night at home to a crazy night out of town, there are activities for everyone. Having ideas for your next double date is no longer a problem!

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