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10 Tips On How To Pose For Those IG Posts

10 Tips On How To Pose For Those IG Posts

Pose like a pro on Instagram with these simple hacks

Unless you’re a seasoned model, posing for photos is unnerving, unnatural and very awkward. Do you smile? Where do you look? Moreover, what to do with the hands? It is a fact that not everyone was born for the runway, let alone be comfortable in front of a camera with someone scrutinizing you behind the lens. Many avoid taking pictures because they firmly believe they aren’t photogenic. What they see in front of the mirror turns into a different person on print.

However, photographers and experts say that being photogenic has nothing to do with Kardashian or Adonis-genes. It is all about the skill – both yours and the photographer. A subtle twist of the chin, angling of the hips, or strategically positioning your hands somewhere can make all the difference.

Instagram is where all the latest poses are flaunted. Don’t you gaze in jealousy at the ladies (and men) who post photos looking like they have a professional photographer and stylist following them 24/7? Only to find out that it was a selfie with no professional touch added – not even lights! If you feel that inkling to give Instagram a try, without relying too much on filters and editing, look no further. Below are some simple tips and tricks that could turn any selfie or photo look like it was taken from a dedicated IG boyfriend or a veteran photographer.

Rules to remember   

To start things off, let’s take a look at some constant rules to keep in mind when posing for IG photos. Incorporating them onto your photos will definitely up your IG game. 

Rule 1: 45 Degrees

This rule is considered the number 1 to remember because of how much it can instantly transform your photos. Turn your body slightly away, about 45 degrees to the left or right of the camera. Doing so will make you look more lean, slim, and sexy because it accentuates all the right curves. This stance is flattering, regardless of the body type.

Once your body is angled correctly to the side, follow that up with a slight tilt of the head, because it will look awkward if your body is tilted, but you’re looking straight at the camera. Turn your head as well and gaze into the beautiful distance – making you look regal, sophisticated, classy, and totally engrossed at something away from the camera.

By angling your head a bit to the side, you let more light and shadows bounce off your face, naturally giving you more depth and contour. If you don’t feel comfortable with the full pose of your body and head angled, you can opt to choose only one body part to tilt – whether it’s your face, head, shoulders, head or hips. This small tweak makes a significant difference in the quality of your photos.

Rule 2: Cross the Legs

Scrolling through Instagram, it is common to find ladies posing as if they badly need to use the bathroom, with their legs crossed. While this is not a strict rule that must be followed, it can be your go-to pose that you can easily incorporate any time.

What happens when we cross our legs while standing up? We accentuate our gorgeous angles and brings out the shapes of our bodies. It also creates a flattering silhouette and elongates the legs – even those who are shorter in stature. For tips on mastering the leg cross, take a look at all the ladies on the red carpet. You’ll see countless stars confidently and comfortably pull out this pose.

Rule 3: Be Conscious of the Hands

Now that you what to do with your head, body, and legs, what about the hands? Hanging them on the side or keeping them at the back seems like an awkward high-school yearbook pose and you wouldn’t want that!

In reality, there are many places to put your hands that will make your photo look natural and chic, such as:

  • One hand grabbing the elbow of your other hand as the latter casually hangs in front of you
  • Both hands tucked in your pockets with the thumbs out
  • One hand resting on your waist as you do a 45-degree pose and the other resting on your thigh
  • One hand on your hair
  • Holding your dress as you make a twirl pose
  • Holding onto your hat or any other prop
  • Tucked behind you but with a 45-degree angled pose

Rule 4: Props and Background

This is another rule that must be remembered at all times because a lot of the time, our audience will look at the background or prop first before our pose. Many have been called out for the messy bedroom reflecting on a mirror selfie and not the gorgeous pose of the person.

Hold a cup of coffee with two hands to keep them preoccupied, pose in a garden or in front a wall with graffiti, beside a bird or in front of a famous landmark – the choice is yours. The background and props are there to be your support in completing the picture.

Tips and ideas on posing

Now for some examples on how to achieve that Insta-worthy photo.

Tip 1: Lay down

Find a bed, couch, rug, or a patch of grass and lay on it. If you have long hair, use your mane to your advantage and spread it out above your head. Add some flowers for effect. You can opt to look straight into the camera and even alluringly extend one arm as an invitation or keep both hands casually laid out beside you.

Tip 2: Sit down

Another pose to try is sitting down. As long as you can sit on a surface, use the opportunities to your advantage. A curb, the steps of the stairs, a bench, luggage, the sky is the limit. You can pull up one leg or do the Arianna Grande pose where both feet are tucked under you while sitting on a stool.

Tip 3: Crouch

For a more badass look that presumably Kylie Jenner originated, the crouching pose is a millennial Instagram pose that is currently all the hype. Make sure you’re comfortable and sit on your toes. Take it up a notch and stick one leg out. For this pose, remember to implement the 45-degree angled look and tilt your shoulders or head.

Tip 4: Leg out

If you’re tired of crossing your legs, why not stick one out to the side. You don’t have to be standing on some airport benches, but any unlevelled surface would do. Once again, you can incorporate this pose at a staircase, where one foot is positioned a few steps up. Tilt the hips to the side, rest your hand on your leg, and you’re good to go!

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Tip 5: Walk this way

For this pose, you need a background (because it will be awkward to the “walk this way” pose in your bedroom). Freeze mid-step in front of some lovely landscape, look at the camera, and you’re done.

Tip 6: Follow me to

This pose, although intensely overused, is still popular. It was started by a couple who traveled around the world and captured the beauty and uniqueness of different locations. Grab the hand of your partner or friend and start walking forward with your hand stretched out behind you. The focus of this shot would be what’s in front of you and your back.

Tip 7: Look back

Gaze into beautiful scenery and look back at the camera as if someone was calling you. Smile, run your hand on your hair, and press click! You can use the auto-focus feature of the camera to blur out your façade and focus on the background or vice versa for that artistic touch. This pose implements the 45-degree angle rule, which means your shape and angles are accentuated.

Tip 8: Don’t look at all

If you are having an awesome hair day, why not flaunt your gorgeous mane and post a photo of only your back. This pose leaves a sense of mystery as to the face behind the hair, and it gives uniqueness to your Instagram posts.

Tip 9: Mirror selfie

The mirror selfie pose is one of the most accessible poses to do mainly because you don’t need someone to take the photo. A couple of things to remember: clean mirror, clean background, lift the camera a bit higher, and incorporate any of the rules mentioned above.

Tip 10: Zoom out/Illusions

Whenever you’re bored with the regular poses, you can use your camera to your advantage to create illusions, camera tricks, and symmetrical photos.

Make yourself small and capture a picturesque background from the bottom up like the photo below

Alternatively, use popular landmarks to your advantage, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa becoming a sundae.


When it comes to Instagram poses and photo ideas, all it takes is some creativity to incorporate the tips and tricks above. You can duplicate them or tweak them to create your own. As long as you have fun, it will show in the photo. Soon enough, you’ll be a pro at posting IG-worthy photos.

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