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10 Things On What Men Want In A Woman He Loves

10 Things On What Men Want In A Woman He Loves

Stop assuming and find out what men want from you

It’s more than the way you look

When it comes to committing to The One, men are not joking, it’s one of the most important decisions they made in their lives (it’s that way with women too). There are certain characteristics or traits that make the choice easier. Finding a woman who’s just right, someone they can stand with during the good and bad times is something they take very seriously.

They want someone who they can plan a life with, someone who will mother their children, someone who’ll pick them up if they fall and make them feel better. Have you wondered what exactly men look for in women for them to fall in love and think of life together? All men are different and some things may differ, but there are some characteristics they found themselves drawn to.

Is it chemistry? Is it your personality? Is it the way you are around him? What’s the mystery? If you’ve been wondering what is it that men want in women to fall in love with, what are their expectations and wishes, keep reading. We’ll give you some pointers so you can stop wondering and be prepared.

1. They want character

Taking care of how you look is important, but being beautiful is more than just your looks, it’s the whole of who you are. They want women with compelling personalities. They want women who put energy and time to look and to be genuine and real.

They like to be around women that act the same when they hang out with “the girls”, that don’t hesitate to be like that with them. Women who laugh out loud, with a sense of humor, you know, women who don’t take life too seriously.

So ladies, don’t feel like you need to flip a switch from the real you when you’re with a guy you like, just be yourself, they like that.

2. They want kindhearted women

A kind heart goes a long way into a man’s heart. They want women who are thoughtful, loving and caring. They love it when you do selfless things for them, little things that may seem insignificant but that show them you really care.

Kindness is something we all look forward to, they want someone who can be kind to everyone around them, someone who radiates warmth.

3. They want for you to be his safe place

Men don’t just open up to everyone, some have a very difficult time doing it so they need someone (you) to be their “safe place”. They want women strong enough so they can be emotionally vulnerable with. This means that you need to make sure he knows you’ll not be disgusted or upset if he breaks down and cries in front of you.

Men like physical intimacy, that’s kind of a given, but they also want to feel close to you, they want emotional intimacy too.

4. They want women who are intellectually challenging

Your looks are what they are going to be attracted… at first. They can’t spot your personality or your intelligence just by looking at you, but it’s a good start. Many relationships have started on a fling but if they’re looking to establish a relationship, it has to be more.

Men like good looks but they also like women who are intellectually challenging, women with whom they can have a stimulating conversation (that can make them go crazy, in a good way). They want women who can think critically, who can engage their senses, who have the drive to be successful. In the long run, intelligence is going to trump shallow beauty, so don’t be afraid to show them that side of you too.

5. They want trust

Men, like women, want a partner who they can trust, someone solid who will always have their back no matter what. Trust is something you give but also something you have to gain. Trust comes by being open, by letting him know the real you, by letting him let go when he needs to. It isn’t forged immediately, it takes some time, but they have to know that the woman they choose to love can be trusted.

6. They want a woman who understands them

They want women who “get” them and that’s not easy sometimes because men and women are so different, nevertheless it’s something they wish to find in a woman. Men, in general, are more logical and problem-solvers while women are more emotional, in touch with their feelings. So, finding a woman who understands how they work and is willing to accept it so there’s a balance in the relationship is a major turn up.

7. They want respect

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Joking among couples is fun and even healthy, men like that. What they don’t like is the lack of respect, you know, when their feelings get hurt. They want a woman who won’t belittle them (even accidentally), women who have care to not make them feel bad about themselves.

For most men, respect goes hand in hand with love, so if they don’t feel that they’re being respected it means that you don’t love them. They also want women who’ll treat them as equals, not as children that need to be told what to do. That’s a major turn off. This should be a rule, treat him like you like to be treated.

8. They want confident women

We all have flaws, men know this because they have their own. So, believe it or not, they’re not looking for perfection, they just want a woman who’s confident of who she is (flaws and all), a woman who loves herself just as she is. That gives them security. Life’s difficult sometimes, so they need on their side someone who’s willing to face each day in pursuit of their dreams.

They want women who know what they want and are willing to go for it. Confidence is sexy and men are totally attracted to it.

9. They want to feel appreciated

Just because men are more logical and not overly emotional, doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel appreciated or need some reassurance once in a while. Actually, they expect it, especially from the women they love. They want women who are willing to compliment them (not in a narcissistic kind of way) for working hard, for taking care of their family, for looking good in that shirt (or those pants).

10. They want the occasional space

We all wish for some quiet alone time once in a while, men value that very much. They want women who’re able to understand that it’s nothing personal if they don’t want to spend every minute of the day together. They want a woman who is willing to give them some space to go hang with the guys or to go for a long walk without making them feel guilty.

There are many other things that men want from the women they love but we hope that the list above gave you an idea on what you’ll need to attract that guy you’ve got your eyes on!

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