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10 Popular Halloween Looks To Try In 2019

10 Popular Halloween Looks To Try In 2019

2019 Halloween Makeup Ideas and Looks To Score This Year

It’s that time of the year again where we scurry to put together the best Halloween outfit that will make us shine and stand out from the crowd. But your outfit wouldn’t be complete if you miss out on your makeup – unless you’re going as a before/ after look of yourself. We’ve all seen how some ‘before’ are honestly Halloween-worthy but let’s not go there.

Get inspired with these looks and make them yours this Halloween!

1. Diamond Skull

Up the stake with glitters and diamonds for a much more enhanced and 3D version of an expensive skull completed with diamantes. No one is going to judge you if you’re the queen of skulls.

2. Spirit Animal

How about embracing your spirit animal and go for a completely cool version of the usual cutesy animal look? Everyone loves the bunny, isn’t it?

3. Queen Khaleesi (avoid picture if you have a weak heart)

If you’re still healing from the end of GoT, here’s one for you. Not much heavy makeup on the face but a little more investment in props will get you there.

4. The Real Cat Woman

The sexy sultry cat woman always makes a comeback on Halloween and why should this year be any different? Turn it up a notch with those lower liner details, those whiskers, and those leather tights, meow!

5. Jack-O-Lantern

We’ve never seen a Jack-O-Lantern (clown) makeup this gorgeous on a girl! Pair it up with a burst of evil laughter and we’ll guarantee this sweet look is as creepy as the ghost bride.

6. The Yummy Candy Girl

This one is going to stand out from the crowd of dark, scary and bleeding streets of Halloween night. You’ll even get quite a bit of sweet puns coming your way. The best deal of all? You get to keep all the candy ornaments and make a charm wristlet out of it.

7. The Abstract Art

The abstract art look will give you the opportunity to pose everywhere you want and you won’t go unnoticed!

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8. The Joker

We figured with the latest craze over the new Joker movie, this look would be trending for #halloween2019, give it your own take!

9. The Apocalypse infected girl

With all the zombie and apocalypse movies on the rage, this infected girl is definitely a good look this Halloween. Wear it with a hoodie and tattered jeans, dirty nails and bed hair, it’s a look that’s easy to ace!

10. The Glam Mummy

Nothing speaks Halloween than an Egyptian Mummy made of royalty, no one knows what’s truly underneath all that gauze.

There you have it, our top 10 best looks to recreate this Halloween season. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try. Even if you’ve made some mistakes here and there, remember that no one else knows it wasn’t deliberate!

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