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10 Hype Fitness Classes To Consider Joining

10 Hype Fitness Classes To Consider Joining

Fitness classes to join to get into shape this summer!

Keeping your health in check is not something you should do just because Summer is here and you’ll need a hot bod to flaunt at the beach. Putting your health as a priority is a responsibility one should always have for themselves because if you don’t look after yourself, then who is going to look after you? However, getting some exercises in should not be an activity to dread about given the myriad of new exercises in trend and here, we will be sharing the different classes you can choose from, from yoga to intense sports!

You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices available out there and don’t know which ones to choose if you’re very new to this. Here are the 10 hype fitness classes everyone is talking about. Pick one to start!

1. Pilates

Pilates is great for every beginner and all you need is an exercise mat. You will learn to control your breathing pattern, build flexibility and achieve a calmer mind through pilates. Pilates is probably the most popular fitness course in the world. Many celebrities are a fan of pilates such as Kim Kardashian and Sandra Bullock where the latter even openly talked about how pilates helped her stay calm and is a great choice when you’re in a depression.

2. Zumba

Zumba is quite an intense dance and it’s okay if you’re not able to keep up with the 101 dance moves as the idea is to keep you moving. Usually, each class lasts for 60 minutes. A typical Zumba class combines modern hip-hop and traditional Latin dance to allow participants to build up their flexibility and at the same time train up your lung capacity. Since Zumba is quite an intense exercise, it’s recommended to do it once a week only to start with. You will have a good sweat after Zumba and it helps in detoxifying you.

3. Hot yoga

Placing yourself in a hot room, typically around 100 degrees, and you start doing yoga to stretch yourself and build flexibility. Doing yoga in a hot environment helps you train your breathing capacity and rhythm, something very helpful in training up your body for other types of sports like hiking.

Hot yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years. A lot of young ladies, especially those working in office settings, enjoy doing hot yoga as it doesn’t require as much energy input as spinning or Zumba. You’re in a calm environment where you can relax and work out at the same time

4. Spinning

Spinning class is also a very popular choice with typically a 60-min session each time. You ride on the stationary mounted bike to train up your thigh and leg muscles while learning to control your breathing patterns. It’s great for intense sports lovers. Follow your instructor to ride in different positions to train up different parts of your body.

A great thing about spinning is that it helps train various parts of your body, you can sit there and use your thigh muscle strength to ride, or you can stand and train your back muscles and your arms etc. That’s why spinning classes are loved by many. Even if you aren’t an intense sports lover, you will still find the joy in spinning classes. You can just take things at your own pace.

5. Cardio

Cardio classes are definitely on the most exhausting side. You don’t join a cardio class expecting a chill yoga time. All the exercises are strength-based, training different muscles. You could be dealing with equipment such as ropes and logs. Most beginners will find cardio classes too draining for them as it does require a lot of physical effort. You need to be in good shape to handle all the heavy exercises but that’s also a great way to get into shape even if you are not very masculine right now.

6. Bounce Fitness Classes

Typically with the use of a trampoline, bounce fitness classes involve high-intensity cardio workouts. It aims to improve all-over muscle tone and lung capacity. It also greatly improves your body muscle coordination as well as your balance, very good for people with a rather weak sense of balance. A fun, intense fitness class to try out for the summer.

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7. Boxing

Boxing does help you get into shape and certainly helps you to defend yourself when needed. It’s not just about random kicking and punching. There’s a lot more to boxing than that. You need an instructor to tell you the right posture so you don’t accidentally injure yourself. Boxing is about using the right strength. A lot of people have injured themselves for trying this home. Get a certified instructor for it.

8. Aerial Fitness

Source: Instagram @aerialfitness

Aerial fitness is a rather new concept and a new typed of yoga, having only been around for the last 5 years. It did quickly gain popularity for its fun nature. It combines traditional yoga poses, Pilates and dance with the use of a hammock.

Aerial fitness is popular because it allows our spine to be decompressed, and builds our flexibility. More importantly, aerial fitness has been seen as a way to increase mental and emotional health

9. High Intensity Interval Skipping

One of the biggest hits in 2019! A lot of people are signing up for the skipping classes because it’s a fun aerobic activity! This also trains your lung capacity and helps with your breathing rhythm. A lot of people enjoy doing it because you can do it at your own pace.

10. Rowing

A perfect mix of strengthening and toning exercises. It benefits your arms, legs and your back, It’s strength-based so you wouldn’t just start with this or only do this. Rowing will be fun to be put into your gym routine, together with other classes to achieve a good balance.


Fitness classes can be a lot of fun and not just about sweating and suffering. You can so easily make new friends while building your flexibility and working on your breathing movements. Start with one or two of these classes and work your way to more when your body and mind is ready for it. Fitness classes are training your mind as well as your body. They teach you to be tough, mentally, to challenge your limits and exceed them. Check out gyms close to you and sign up for these classes today!

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