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10 Good Tips To Achieve Better Sex In The Bedroom

10 Good Tips To Achieve Better Sex In The Bedroom

Try these bedroom tips to put a smile on both your faces

What really makes sex great?

Knowing what makes your man crazy in the bedroom when you two close the door can be a little tricky. Pop culture has shown us that it’s pretty simple, men are not complicated in that area, right? Well, it turns out that is not that simple, so you need to be prepared.

Ladies, men like to be seduced, so you can watch all the tutorials you’d like on all the best sex positions but that will only get you so far. You want to have some very gratifying sex right? One where you both feel stimulated? Then don’t forget three very important things: Timing, Communication, and Spontaneity.

So what else you can do to turn up the notch and make sex feel even better for him (and obviously for you too)? Keep reading, we’ll give some very good tips, so you can achieve this goal 🙂

1. Communicate what you want

Talking about what each of you wants from the other is the first step to having a great time. Most of the time the couple assume that what they want out of the experience is what the other person wants and that’s just not true. Remember, men are from Mars and women from Venus.

Before anything goes on, start communicating on what you like and what you don’t like. Yes, it is okay if you don’t fancy some moves of his although you might want to tell him tactfully. Faking that you like it once or twice is doable but what if it’s for a lifetime?

If you’ve been with your guy for some time, you may have some idea on what he likes and he’ll have some idea on what you like. If he’s already doing something that you definitely like, show him that you really love it with your body language!

2. Praise is a powerful turn on

If you want real sexual satisfaction you should rely on some positive affirmation during sex, praise is a powerful turn on. Compliments inside and outside of the bedroom can really give a boost to your guy’s confidence and yours too.

Start outside the bedroom, while having dinner… you can talk about what’s bothering you inside the bedroom while having sex, and of the pressures or anxieties, you may be having (that could make either of you feel insecure). There’s a great time to boost each other’s confidence.

When you enter the bedroom and are getting ready to have sex, compliment his body (tell him you like how buff he is), you can compliment his tummy and other measurable parts ;-), his hair. All that is boosting his confidence and will help him relax so he can give and have a good time.

3. Be spontaneous

Don’t rely on the same old routine all the time, after a while, even if you have great sex, you could be bored. So mix things up, maybe while doing it you think of something new you’d like to try. Tell him and if he’s game, go for it. Men love it when women are spontaneous and confident in bed.

Also, it’s a good idea to switch the time and the place, that way you would avoid falling into a rut. How about the kitchen, or the sofa, or… set free your creativity and think of an exciting place where you can enjoy some great sex. Jump in on him while he’s taking a shower and something magical could happen. Or you can even keep the surprise and play dress-up under the coat. Do something different and fun. You’ll really like the results.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of foreplay

You need to set the mood for sex, so foreplay should start way before the sex part starts. Think of it as a long-term play; we’re not talking just about the physical foreplay, we’re talking about all the mental foreplay you have to do days in advance.

Little things like being attentive, details or gestures you know he likes. Nice comments about looks and achievements on both parts can set the right mood for sex. Keeping constant communication during the day, like flirting texts or calls is also a great idea. You’ll both be ready when the time comes.

5. Act on your fantasies

If you have any fantasies circulating around in your imagination, share it with him. We’re sure he has some of his own he wants to share with you. You can make it like a game, write them down and keep them near.

Next time you’re both on the mood, pull one out and act it out or talk about it. Maybe one of you needs to be convinced so a little adjustment might be needed. To get the most out of the fantasy, you both need to feel comfortable about it.

6. Try different positions

Humans crave novelty, so if you’re only focusing on one position during sex (missionary), most probably you or he is craving to try something different once in a while. You don’t have to do the whole repertoire of the Kama Sutra or go out of your comfort zone to please him, but if you’re craving being on top, or doing it standing up against the kitchen top then go for it!

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7. Learn some sexy banter

Some sexy talk in the bedroom could be a great mood enhancer, so don’t hesitate to use it. Maybe you or he are not really comfortable being vocal before or during sex, but you should give it a try. You could learn what words or phrases to use from some erotic books, so maybe go to a bookstore and look for one. Read it together and find what works for the two of you.

8. Focus on the erogenous zones

You can achieve some amazing sex by focusing on the erogenous zones. Some of the men’s erogenous zones are the mouth ( a very important one), so make sure there’s a lot of kissing. The ears (that’s an erogenous zone for both of you), nibble and lick them. The neck (also a favorite one for you and him), a kiss there can send tingles through your whole body.

Exploit them all.

9. Bring in some toys, props and lingerie

You can try to enhance your sexual experience by bringing in toys and props. You can try vibrators, or massage oils, or blindfolds. You can also try for some ambiance, set the scene with some music and some candles. Try a massage session and go from there.

Not forgetting that men are visual creatures (and women too). Entice your man by adorning kinky lace pieces or that ultra sexy exotic lingerie that only covers you in all the right places. That would definitely be a huge turn on for sure!

10. Let him court you

He enjoys the dance, so let him court you, plus it’s nice to be chased on right? Establish a date night, flirt with each other, hold hands, hug each other and don’t pass on the opportunity to have a make-out session whenever possible.

There you have it, 10 great tips to have a great time in the bedroom with your favorite guy. He hopes you enjoy reading them, but we hope you enjoy even more by putting them into practice.

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