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10 Famous Power Couple We Absolutely Adore

10 Famous Power Couple We Absolutely Adore

These celebrity power couples are our inspiration to Love

Power couples – you adore and admire them on tv and aspire to be like them in real life. The duo makes life and all its crap seem so easy to overcome and succeed in. Plus, they gush over each other on live tv, which makes us fall even more in love with them.

Power couples, according to, is a romantic or married couple where both members are famous or accomplished in their own right, sometimes extended to happy and productive everyday couples. In other words, both partners are equally as cool as the other. A power couple is made up of two remarkable individuals that made up an even more awesome duo. “Together, they are the epitome of what anyone would desire in a relationship,” notes

From royalty power couples like Prince William and Kate Middleton to celebrity power couples like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, let’s take a look at why these dynamic duos are fantastic. Perhaps we can leave with some tips and tricks as well to making our relationships as equally impressive.

Unique things all power couples do

One thing to understand when it comes to striving to become a power couple is that it’s not going to be easy. Any relationship will have its ups and downs, conflicts, and tensions between the two partners. However, with the right mindset and work ethic, any couple can be a power couple.

Below are some signs that distinguish a power couple from the rest.

1. Lightning strike connection

Power couples just fit. They’re naturally, emotionally, physically, and mentally compatible. When you meet someone that you feel like you’ve known them forever and you understand them completely, without having to explain things, then you know you can count on them to strive for success together.

The spark that power couples experience is like a lightning strike – it provides a jolt across all your senses, and it sparks something in you to become the best version of yourself.

2. Surround themselves with successful people

Power couples tend to flock together and become even more powerful in the process. They don’t bother spending time with people who aren’t ambitious and successful. Choosing friends wisely is a critical step in the success of a power couple.

3. Work and play hard

It takes much energy to be successful and influential. Power couples are very busy people. However, they know how to unwind and make time for each other and their families. You see them taking a family or romantic vacation somewhere because they know the importance of rest and relaxation.

4. Don’t gossip about other people

Because power couples surround themselves with other influential people and live very frantic lives, they don’t have time to lounge around and gossip about others. This is a reason why celebrities and other famous individuals don’t bother with the gossip and fake news that they continuously receive.

5. Iron sharpens iron

Instead of focusing on the trivial, power couples have one crucial goal in mind: to make each other even more impressive. They support one another to reach their potential. They motivate, guide, and support each other; and also call out the BS when needed.

6. Come out stronger after tough times

It’s not always smooth sailing for power couples. To be remarkable means to have enemies like others who want to pull them down. When storms arise, the power couple goes through them with grit and passion and come out even stronger. They are on a ladder that only goes up, rain or shine.

The power couple list

Power Couple 1. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

In 2008, the Obamas made history as the first African-American President and First Lady of the United States. During their term, the couple has proven themselves a power couple and an inspiration for everyone – extending past their years in office. Even though they held the highest positions of government in the US, the couple portrayed adorable candid moments with each other and displayed their skills individually.

Power Couple 2. Prince William and Kate Middleton

A power couple symbolized through a fairy tale romance – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is an example than love knows no bounds, even royal ones. Even though they had a short-lived breakup in 2007, the two passed that trial and realized they were meant for each other. Fast forward 12 years and three adorable children, the two are only more in love as they lead.

Power Couple 3. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

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This couple is known to fawn over each other on interviews. The love interest started in 2011 during the movie Green Lantern, where both played a love interest on screen. However, their on-screen chemistry didn’t automatically develop in real life. In fact, a year later, and both went on a double date with different people. However, that was when they realized they were opposite ends of a magnet and eventually were drawn to one another. Good friends that became a power couple – amazing.

Power Couple 4. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Hollywood is filled with whirlwind romances, marriages, and divorces. The Smiths have proven that love and friendship can last while under the spotlight. They are an iconic power couple in the entertainment industry because they had chosen to keep things real when it came to their marriage, relationship, and family. They quickly open up about the difficulties they face in maintaining their marriage. During their lowest moments when the two wanted to split up, Will took two years off from Hollywood to focus on his marriage. From there, they rebuilt their dreams, rules, and relationship. The two are wonderful parents to Willow and Jaden as well.

Power Couple 5. David and Victoria Beckham

One an iconic football star, the other an iconic pop princess and fashion diva – the two couldn’t have been more different. They were merely starting in their careers but had the potential to succeed. So they did, individually, and together in their marriage. The two have been together for 22 years, more than half of their lives, and they have only grown stronger, wiser, more powerful, and thriving together. The two are dedicated to their four children and each other. Just take a look at their Instagram accounts, and you would see them goofing around in their stories, showing a healthy dose of work and play and family closeness.

Power Couple 6. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Mila and Ashton first met at the hit tv show That ‘70s Show and often reconnected afterward after going through different relationships with other people. They started dating without the idea that they would eventually end up in marriage. They even agreed on it at the start, that they would merely date with no commitments. Boy, were they wrong. A year later, they got married. The chemistry the two have only proved that they were destined to be with each other.

Power Couple 7. Beyoncé and Jay-Z

When it comes to success, the rap mogul and Queen B have 45 Grammy wins between them. Two decades have passed into their careers, and they are still ruling the music industry. It was a simple feat for the power couple to shut down the Louvre for their “Apeshit” music video. Successful in their careers and their marriage, the two often dote on one another during their performances together.

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Power Couple 8. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski is an example of love at first sight. John would often reveal that he knew Emily would be his future wife when they initially met. He even admitted to her that he liked her then. The two work in the same career and are successful in them. John would produce and direct movies and even co-star with his wife. Their on-screen and off-screen chemistry is easy to perceive.

Power Couple 9. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

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Kanye is a 21 Grammy award winner, and Kim is ranked 54 on Forbes’ list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women. Individually successful, together powerful. They keep everyone updated via their social media accounts, which show that they highly prioritize their three children and each other. No scandal or incidents of the past could get this power couple down.

Power Couple 10. Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham

We all know that Oprah is a very powerful woman. Furthermore, Stedman Graham shows everyone how it is to support one. Together for 33 years, engaged 17 years ago yet never officially married, the two has proven it doesn’t take marriage to make a partnership work. In fact, theirs has lasted longer than most Hollywood marriages. They are more in love as the years pass by.

Ways to be a power couple

For those envious of power couples and wish to be one, below are four simple principles to follow that will put you and your partner on the right track.

Have a power couple’s vision

Vision is essential to any purpose. Couple’s with clear goals and visions stay focused and grow in the process towards their destination. They know what they want in life, individually and as a couple, and help each other each step of the way. This “vision” works as a glue in the relationship and as a catalyst for growth and success.

Are transparent

Power couples are brutally honest with each other. They know how to be frank without being hurtful with their words. They also tell each other everything – yes, everything. Insecurities, worries, your pet peeves in the relationship, the past, and everything in between. Use any setting to open up, whether over dinner, during a drive home, or a walk in the park.

Agree to compromise

Another critical characteristic of a power couple is their ability to fight well, argue, disagree, and expertly find common ground. Both know when to step back and compromise.

Guide each other to success

Lastly, power couples push each other to succeed. No matter the vision, goal, or dream, the other will support you 100%. A plan is set, steps are taken, and more success is achieved.


The power couples we see on television, on social media, or simply hear about, serve as examples for us to follow. They might be more influential, wealthy, famous, or literally powerful, but remember, any couple can be a power couple in their own way.

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